How is the Success of a Trade Show Presenter Measured?

Successful Companies Hire Professionals

Successful companies hire a professional trade show presenter because they want measurable results from investing so much time and money into a trade show or conference. Most people envision the success at a trade show as a booth filled with potential customers and thousands of qualified leads yet how to get there is not as clear. Having a presentation that is relevant, informative and memorable is key to success at your industry trade show.

You Need a Solid Presentation

They say don’t shoot the messenger, but let’s face it, the delivery of the presentation can make or break your event. If your message is not seen and heard all the expense of being at the show is for nothing. By hiring a professional trade show presenter you now have the ability to make an impact and deliver your message in as memorable way as possible. Piquing prospect interest, increasing scans and leads are just a few of the successful trade show metrics which can be generated by using a professional trade show presenter.

How Do You Turn Trade Show Attendees into Qualified Leads?

Generating Leads is Our Bread and Butter

Delivering a message in a way that produces leads is our bread and butter. We guarantee an increase leads because our clients have seen massive results time after time. Our roster of seasoned trade show professionals know how to secure the attention of trade show attendees, make them stop and listen to your message so that you can qualify and capture the lead. Creating crowds and conveying information is what we do best. We can take your trade show exhibit to the next level.

Your Information + Entertainment

Attendees want to be entertained but foremost they want information. You want a trade show presenter and brand representative who is adept at being entertaining while delivering your company’s message. A spoonful of sugar definitely does help the medicine go down. Not only does an entertaining delivery help the consumption of your company’s technical information and value proposition, but it makes it memorable. Being remembered by your potential clients for what you do is integral.

  • Leads Gathered in One Day 100% 100%

How do you Create a Memorable Experience for Booth Attendees at Industry Events?

Creating Experiences is Key

Trade shows are an opportunity to present a living, 3D color commercial to potential customers. You want to be informative, meaningful and most importantly, be engaging. Trade shows can be an expensive proposition. You owe it to your company to get most out of your trade show dollar.

Work With a Seasoned Professional

By using a trained, professional trade show presenter you can lower your cost per lead, increase the number of scanned leads and increase your R.O.I. A well informed, well spoken and engaging entertainer is your best bet for a trade show presenter. Don’t waste precious time with old disproven techniques! Hire a trade show presenter with a solid history of generating leads at trade shows and increase your sales!

What You’ll Get with this Trade Show Presenter

This trade show presenter is all about communicating your mission critical messaging and generating leads. Instead of being merely content to have passers-by look at your signage, you can do so much more by having your information professionally communicated to the masses.

A Trade Show Presenter that Turns Heads

Before you think, hey I can have one of my outgoing sales reps do that, consider that there is more to this skill set than talking. Can your internal speaker gather a crowd? Can they engage the audience and keep them at the booth even after the presentation closes? Having a professional trade show presenter with a wide variety of skills is a very effective way of generating attendee interest in your company’s offering. Having a “trade show magician” is similar to having a presenter except there is a more visual element. As the booth visitors listen to the message they are entertained by cleverly routined presentations designed to entertain and inform.

While having a script provided by the client is helpful, it is often written in far too technical language for effective communication. Part of the messaging component process is that of the simplification and metaphor creation which enables attendees to see your benefits as more tangible advantages. By giving your booth visitors a living, breathing connection to your company you will not only generate more interest but will have much deeper message penetration. Creating an experiential event in your booth where people can hear, see, and feel a presentation is far superior to a booth that does not have a “trade show presenter”.

Are you Looking to Breath New Life into your Information?

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