Why Hire a Trade Show Magician?

Have a Trade Show Magician Present at Your

There are many good reasons to have a trade show magician present at your trade show booth. People love entertainment. especially the type that provides information and magic is a winning combination for trade show success. The magic equation for success is to wow your passersby, attract them to the booth, and then keep them there with engaging and entertaining informative material. The magic provides a visual metaphor to make your company’s message be intriguing, exciting and memorable. Just stand back and watch the crowd grow!

Entertainment is Key

Magic is a great way to gather and entertain a crowd. What we specialize in is gathering that crowd and infusing information about our clients and their products stealthily into the presentation. This gets more people in the booth asking questions about your company. At the end of the day it means more leads after your trade show and a marketing win!


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Magic Is Dynamic & Captivating Infotainment

In your booth, attendees will experience your value proposition in action. They’ll see, feel and hear about your company and why they should do business with you. All of this is presented in a dynamic and entertaining way. The presentation is designed to be compelling and captivating so that your prospects stay put in your booth and learn all about your company.

Pre-planned Magic Shows Promote Your Company

Anders plans his magic shows ahead of time to ensure the target product and idea is given adequate attention. You will have a meeting to determine the 3 main points you want conveyed in his presentation. While captivating the audiences attention, he showcases your company message. The entire show focuses on your 3 main mission critical messages. Repeating the message throughout the show gives the entire audience exposure to your company’s purpose at the trade show.

Interlaced Branded Messaging

This ensures that your company receives constant branded messages throughout the presentation so that any trade show attendee may walk by or gather around the booth and understand what’s happening. A trade show attendee may have only watched the beginning or end of the show, either way they were exposed to the central message. The entire audience receives a clear image of your company’s purpose and value proposition.

A Trade Show Magician Can Gather a Crowd

Trade Shows Have Both Social and Business Expectations

Anders’ shows and routines are extremely mindful of these expectations. When the show begins, people tend to stop and observe, and then others are drawn to the crowd to see the why the crowd has been drawn in the first place. With charisma and magnetism, Anders attracts people to your booth in a non-aggressive way. Audiences enjoy the stimulation because it so much more exciting and unique than many other trade show booths.

The trade show magician Anders Boulanger, is an extremely effective crowd creator. A natural brand ambassador and infotainer, Anders is trained to entertain. His sleight of hand, intrigue and mysterious illusions add to his charisma, which is why Anders is so successful at gathering crowds. Because of this, many companies have used Ander’s trade show magician services to boost their appeal and gather hundreds of leads at trade shows. Most of his clients turn into repeat customers because his presentations are such effective lead generators.

Anders is the top contributor to any trade show booth he represents. Magicians are classic entertainers and people naturally gravitate to them. Anders utilizes intrigue and mystery to engage and capture an audience for your booth. During his performance, he weaves information from your company into his presentation. This becomes an incredibly memorable experience to represent your company.

Using the power of illusion, a trade show magician makes a lasting impression on your audience. There is a subtle gesture of “you have to believe it to see it” that becomes associated with your company. This is a quality commercial, showcased in a live performance for your audience. Your company message is on center stage, the magic simply draws people to it like a trailer for the main show.

Magically Gather Leads At The Trade Show

You'll be Suprised How Many Leads You Get

Entice trade show attendees to learn more and capture their contact information. Hiring Anders means you are hiring an expert on lead gathering. He is always focused on gathering leads by building crowds and acquiring their contact information through scanning badges and having booth staff approach those that show interest. During his presentation, Anders integrates your company’s value and vision statements to attract value and leads. While audiences are enthralled in the message and magic, they are also given exposure to your brand and prompted to provide contact information.

During Anders’ performance the number of people at your booth increases as the show goes on. Once Anders has created the crowd and conveyed your company’s message, he directs them to a product expert or sales representative from your company.

Meeting the right people through trade show networking, can produce incredible growth for you company. This is what Anders does; he generates interest, qualifies the booth visitors and gives your company the advantage over your competitors. As an expert in trade show success Anders has seen what works and doesn’t work for gathering crowds and leads at trade shows.

Magic shows are a unique way to showcase your company and brand. It attracts people over to your booth to talk about your business and purpose for being at the event. Fill your booth with trade show attendees so you can leave the show with valuable leads for you to turn into sales and profits. Anders makes lead generation his personal concern because that is ultimately his business. His personal guarantee is: Leads guaranteed or your money back.

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