How Will a Trade Show Entertainer Boost Your Visibility and Traffic?

Why Trade Show Entertainment is Essential for Your Booth

Why would you put effort into having a booth at a trade show? Is it to meet prospective clients or demonstrate your products in-person? These are great and valuable reasons to attend a trade show and build relationships. According to Sky Line Trade Shows, 81% of trade shows attendees have real buying power and authority, so they are the ones who can actually spend dollars on your company. Plus, you’re confident the majority of your audience wants to be there when you know that 78% of trade shows attendees travel over 400 miles just to attend.

There’s only one problem: It can be hard to stand out when everyone else is also trying generate hype and get exposure. You have to be truly distinct to stand out with your trade show marketing.


Why Trade Show Entertainment is so Valuable

This is why we’re talking about one of the best trade show booth ideas: Trade Show Entertainment. With authentic, attention-grabbing entertainment, you’ll be the booth everyone’s talking about. Read on to find out more exact reasons why this is a good trade show exhibit idea.

According to Exhibit Survey, Inc., live entertainment has been proven to increase booth traffic at a tradeshow. The more people that come to your booth, the more likely you are to convert more attendees into prospects and leads.

“Your entertainer isn’t simply making attendees take notice and walk over, they’re leading people into learning about your company and its offerings”

Why a live entertainer specifically? Not only can they draw crowds to your booth, but once they do, they will then work your company into their presentation. Highly trained entertainers communicate with companies effectively before the event to gain a thorough knowledge and understanding of the company. Your entertainer isn’t simply making attendees take notice and walk over, they’re leading people into learning about your company and its offerings.

Those that specialize in professional trade show entertainment will make sure to learn about your company’s:

  • Market positioning
  • Products and/or services
  • Hard-hitting selling points

Utilizing specialized knowledge in group dynamics, a knowledgeable trade show entertainer can truly engage an audience and draw them into your booth effectively. By the time those visitors walk away, they will know exactly what your company does, what it offers and why they should take notice. To be honest, they will feel like they learned so much about the company…they will think that the entertainer is a member of the company itself.

Your entertainer will be able to target the right audience for your trade show exhibit and turn the crowd members from spectators into customers, without feeling like they’ve been in any kind of sales pitch.

A Trade Show Entertainer Can Increase Your Return On Investment

If you’re nervous about what such a trade show idea would cost, that’s totally understandable. But think of it this way: if even just a few new loyal customers are drawn to your company because of your entertainer, between their business and referrals thereafter, this will earn far more money over time than it ever cost to hire the entertainer.

When evaluating cost, also remember that a lower fee isn’t necessarily a better deal. An experienced entertainer who truly knows how to work a crowd, get prospects and make your company memorable makes a little bit of extra change more than worth it in referrals and customers.

Not Just a Trade Show Entertainer, Your Partner in Marketing and Lead Generation

Essentially, it comes down to the fact that trade show entertainment isn’t just a flashy way to get some eyes on your booth. An experienced entertainer is your partner in making sure your booth stands out at the trade show.

Tangible Results from Trade Show Entertainment

Most importantly, you want tangible results. Anyone who puts money into trade shows is looking to get a powerful return on their investment. This is why it’s critical to have a professional trade show entertainer who provides real lead generation. That way, you can maximize your total impact, increase your ROI and gain new clients from the trade show entertainment.

The value a trade show entertainer offers is truly impactful. You’ll feel confident in hiring a trade show entertainer when you see the Infotainers Client Reports and their rave reviews from past clients.