Trade Show Consulting

Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know

Other times you just plain know that you don’t know. With either case, Anders can help guide you through the confusing world that is trade shows. By working with you to create a strategic, thought-out plan, you will have a complete roadmap that will enable you to do everything from generating traffic and collecting the leads right up to a post-show custom follow up sequence.

Our consulting clients have found success following our 4 C process:

Create a Crowd This is by far the most critical step. Everything else hinges on your ability to generate traffic at your booth. We will work with you to generate the desired effect. Using combinations of trade show infotainers, draws and giveaways, to unique, intrinsically interesting demonstrations that we will help create.

Convey the Message Once you are able to generate crowds of booth visitors at the booth it’s imperative that you effectively communicate your message. Those attendees must understand what makes you different from everybody else. They need to know what sets you apart from the competition. If your message is to the point and compelling, qualified prospects will make themselves known to you. That’s where the next step comes into play.

Collect the Leads Without leads there can be no sales. It’s mission critical that you capture everyone who visits your booth and expresses interest in your products or services. Whether your own company staff takes it upon themselves to scan badges or you use hired booth staff the lead collection phase is integral for the creation and measurement of your trade show R.O.I.. When possible you can qualify those leads on the scanner to help sort and sift the leads for when the sales team gets them.

Convert the Leads Once you have some interested individuals, your next objective is to overload them with value. You will give them so much that they will feel compelled to do business with you. We will work together to design a multi-phase campaign that will allow your prospect to get to know you as an organization and understand the immense benefits of working with your company. Your leads will be followed up in a  persistent and consistent manner resulting in lead conversions.

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