Additional Trainings, Consulting and Add-ons

In Addition to the Lead Generating Services

Anders provides at Trade Shows he also has a number of interactive seminars and workshops designed to empower your team members and train them to be more effective on the trade show floor.

Pre-Show Training
Train your salespeople in the fine art of boothmanship. With Anders’ “Trade Secrets” program your team will learn to increase their effectiveness when it comes to creating relationships and closing sales at trade shows. Using this pre-show training as a last minute tune-up keeps your team focussed and motivated at the task at hand.

Pre-Event Consulting
Tap into Anders’ extensive trade show knowledge and take advantage of his network of colleagues in the industry. Before you blow all your money on that new display find out what really draws in the prospects and learn what lo-tech/no-tech solutions Anders can provide you with.

Lead Conversion System
Statistics from the trade show industry tell us that 70% of leads are never followed up on. Using Anders’ systematic process allows your company to follow up with each and every lead in a timely, professional, personal manner and at the same time, further filtering the leads so they are of the highest quality.

Hospitality Suite Performances
Hosting a hospitality suite? Spice it up with some interactive corporate entertainment. Anders will impress your clients and leaving a lasting positive impression.


Sales Meetings
Motivate your sales force through this interactive, educational and entertaining corporate presentation. Anders powerfully hammers home key points with unique demonstrations of math, magic, and mental acuity.

Booth Staff (Crowd Gatherers)
Maximize the impact of your exhibit by having trained professional booth staff working as your “boots on the ground”. These individuals truly stand out from typical booth staff with their energy levels, their work ethic and their keen knowledge of social dynamics. Check out this blog post for a deeper understanding of Crowd Gatherers.


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