Selecting the Best Trade Show Giveaways

If you are promoting your company at a trade show in Las Vegas, Orlando, Chicago or wherever the show may be, it is important that you have the best promotional items to promote increased traffic to your promotional trade show giveaways. By doing this, you can increase lead acquisition and total sales. However, there are certain things you should avoid when selecting the best trade show giveaways.

You should avoid buying your trade show giveaways based solely on price. While it is important to create a budget before hand and to try and stick to that budget, you do not want to cheapen the promotional items because of money. Even if all you have to spend is one dollar, it is better to look for an item which costs one dollar and is of the highest quality rather than smaller, cheaper items. No matter what product you buy there is a high end version and a low end version. Those who attend trade shows can tell the difference even if you can’t. Conversely, just because an item is more expensive does not mean the quality is better or that it will last longer. There are plenty of high end travel mugs which end up leaking or promotional pens which stop writing. To avoid junk products like this do not buy cheap items within a product class. People will know immediately the quality of a product as soon as they open it.

Just like good sales and promotion, timing is everything when you purchase your trade show giveaways. You want to avoid late orders at all costs. Most of the time, ordering promotional products is not high on the list of trade show responsibilities which is why many companies end up placing late orders and having to endure the cost of overnight shipping or rush service. When ordering trade show giveaways, you must consider that these items are not standard and taken off of a shelf then sent on their way. These items are unique products which take time to produce and produce well. Generally speaking, you should allot one to two days for the preparation of the product, followed by another give to ten days for production and an additional one to five days for ground shipping.

While the high costs for rush orders is bad enough, it is not the only problem you risk when you place a late order. Late orders have a higher risk missed deliveries, misprints, or shipping the wrong order. You can avoid this problem and many more by making sure you order your promotional trade show giveaways at least one month in advance, if not sooner.


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