Rave Reviews

Fortinet Endorses Using The Infotainers

So I originally saw Anders at VF World and I was blown away because he clearly had a mob of, I don’t know, maybe there were 200 people around him, watching his act. And as I walked by, I couldn’t hear everything he said but I could see what was happening. I then managed to get Anders’ card and said, “We need to talk.” I then hired Anders for two shows and I’ve got to say I’m going to continue to hire him because he knows how to draw a crowd. Not only does he know how to draw a crowd, but everyone comes up to me after and says, “He’s amazing!”

In addition to that, he helps me create the best booth experience. He’s great because he coaches me and makes recommendations, suggestions and that just makes our company better at having a show and drawing a crowd and being more effective and visible and present. So if you have a chance, I highly recommend you talk to Anders, if not just hire him on the spot like I did.

Melanie Gill, Director of Marketing, Fortinet

The Infotainers Are Phenomenal!

So I’m here at the Micron booth for supercomputing, and I am so excited to have infotainers again and Sukuma on my team…the team here at the booth, and they are phenomenal. I can’t say enough on what an impact they’ve made and how friendly and personable they are on the work front as well as the personal front.
Just awesome professional staff. They have been engaging. People come by waiting for him to be on stage. Curiosity on those little key-ring thingies. It’s just, all in all, a really awesome packaged professional opportunity to have more crowds come to your booth, so I’m super excited. We will be using them again in the future.

Veeam Uses Trade Show Infotainer Internationally

Hi, we just used Anders the magician, the infotainer, for our second show. We now know that he is effective not only in the U.S. but also internationally. After a great result in the U.S., we brought him to Copenhagen for an international show with a multi-European crowd, did a wonderful job. New tricks, very dramatic, does a great job of tying in our company message to the performance that he’s doing. As a result of the crowds he helped us bring, within the first two days we had scanned almost 50% of all the attendees at the show who had been to our booth, so I highly recommend him.
“Anders is a fixture at all our trade shows. His presence always guarantees that we will be the busiest booth at the show!” Joe Pedro

Lily Fasteners

“Anders is one of the all time best assets we have in our field marketing and trade show arsenal. Anders naturally attracts attention with his magic tricks, his communication skills and his stage presence. He is witty, charming entertaining and reinforces our technology’s value proposition as he wows the crowd. In his hourly sessions, the booth is always packed, the audience was well engaged and our sales teams are better able to continue the conversations around technology once Anders sets up the prospects. The industry is very lucky to have a professional and highly energetic promoter of the business. We do not do a major show without Anders assisting us. I give Anders my highest recommendation.” Jim Tedesco

VP of Sales North America, Veeam Software

“At the show, we were amazed at how his presence drew traffic to our booth. Sometimes the crowds were three and four deep.” Rial Black

Protelec Alarms

Unified Valve Rave Review of Trade Show Presenter Anders

We’ve been in the trade shows here many times with no traffic. Bringing on Anders yesterday was probably the single best day we’ve ever had at a trade show. Eight shows probably posted 600 visitors that we had and all great leads. If you get a chance to bring Anders on to your team, I highly recommend it.

Open Text gets Results using Trade Show Magician Anders

My name is Marie Lawless, I am with OpenText Corporation. I work for the Canadian public sector and I’m a Marketing Manager. We just had a lot of people come through our booth, and the reason why they came is because we had someone that attracted them to the booth, brought them in. In all honesty I was sure if they would stay after the presentation, but they did and now we have people at each pod talking about our product and I think it was a great success.

Arysta Lifescience Rave Review of Anders Trade Show Infotainer

We had Anders at our booth at the Manitoba Ag Days. What he did for us is he brought 100 plus customers to our booth every hour on the hour. During his presentation, he positioned our key products in our messages in his magic show. He made a very small company have a huge presence at a trade show.
“We have never had crowds around our booth like that! Anders’ ability to work our product into his presentation, along with his interaction with attendees, makes a lasting impression. Anders is excellent.” Larry McIntosh

President and CEO, Peak of the Market

“Anders is like a people magnet. He gathers people all around him and he does his thing. Then he turns them over to our staff. He is phenomenal! Our numbers are up over 58% working with Anders. We are going to continue working with him in the future.” Captain Chuck Cadick

Canadian Forces Recruiting

I was blown away because he clearly had a mob of, I don’t know, maybe there were 200 people around him, watching his presentation. Melanie Gill


VM World 2012 Results

For VMworld 2012, U.S., Anders has delivered leads above our expectations. We have had phenomenal crowds every day and while I have walked the show floor, no other booth has had the turnout that we have had. Every time we use Anders, he comes with a fresh, new act tailored to our product messaging, and we get phenomenal results, and we get great recommendations. Everybody we talk to about how effective Anders is and delivering the product message and entertainment.

Manage Engine Review

Hi. I’m Mason Herring with ManageEngine, and I met Anders through kind of some show communication. He stopped by a booth, talked to me about what he offered. It was nothing that we’d really done before so I wasn’t skeptical but I didn’t really know what to expect. After communicating with him after the engagement and kind of getting this knowledge to him about the product, he really blew me away today. Not only the ability to control a crowd and work people and bring people in, but the product side which is what my only really concern was. Will he be able to gather this information that I am feeding to him and integrate it into what he does best? I was really, really impressed with that. I can highly recommend Anders for bringing it in and bringing some traffic. Just today alone, I don’t know the exact count, but we had a lot, a lot of people come in and it was mainly driven by Anders bringing in some folks. So, can highly recommend him, and I think that it’s a great value for the cost.

Unsolicited Feedback

There’s always a buzz around the Veeam. The guys are like, when you are actually presenting, it’s like everybody just wants to be intrigued, wants to understand but the way you bring in the magic into the actual product is the key. Everywhere, every step he goes along, there’s always a pitch inside of every single step he does. Every single step he does is always relevant to these guys, it’s awesome.

Open World 2015

Hi, I’m Christina St. Pierre. I run the corporate marketing at Zerto. I saw Anders and other infotainers at a couple of other shows this year and decided to try them out for the first time at Zerto for Oracle Open World 2015. I was absolutely thrilled with the delivery, the engagement, the performance. I’ve even seen the show as many times I did being in the booth. It still gets me every single time. I was able to increase my scan goal by 50%. And I’m happy to say that I will totally book an infotainer for many more shows. And also, I would like to say a huge shout out for Anders for helping me tighten up my booth process and be engaging with my staff as well. So thank you.

Nailing the Message

My name is Joshua Stenhouse. I’m the Technical Evangelist at Zerto, and we had the great experience of working with Anders at our first time at Oracle Open World 2015.
All I can tell you is that, from start to finish, Anders has absolutely blown me away in terms of his professionalism, his ability to grasp the message, learn how we craft our message to our customers inside out, and then throughout the show, deliver that message consistently in a fun and intriguing way, and draw people to the booth. Then he also taught them about exactly why they should care about Zerto at the same time. So I would, literally, I can’t imagine doing an event now without Anders, and it really has changed my perception of exactly what infotaining is, and the benefits for lead generation, for communicating the message of awareness, and having a really great time with all the magic and the tricks, bringing them in at the same time.

Best Booth at the Show

I had a gentleman by, I didn’t catch his name, from Frain Engineering, Frain Energy and he had mentioned that, by far, we were the most outstanding booth at the show, simply because of our connection with the infotainer. The way he interacted with the crowd, drew the crowd in, the way our sales team interacted with him was spectacular. His partner was a trade show specialist, and he gave us this hugest compliment saying that this was by far the best booth here at the show.

Every Time A Huge Crowd

So we had Anders perform at our trade show, and I just want to say every time Anders performed there was a huge crowd.

And the thing that we got the most feedback back was that he was able to take our message and get our message across to that crowd. We had a lot of people come in and do demos of our product. We had a lot of people that came back and asked questions and said that they saw Anders, and it was very successful.

And I want to say this, too. This wasn’t a show where there was a lot of people walking around on the floor. We had to really work hard to drum up people to get them into the booth. And Anders would start with one person and finish with 30 people. So we were very impressed, and we’re definitely going to have him back again.

Increased Leads by 25-40%

Hi, my name is Robin. I’m an events programs manager at Extrahop Networks. We’ve been using the Infotainers for about two years now. And during that time, I would say that they have helped increased our booth traffic about 25% to 40% at every show we’ve had them at. So really enjoyed using them, it’s been a great partnership, and we’re looking forward to continuing in the future.

Dramatically Improved Traffic

Hi. I’m Ron Kubera, Executive Vice President of Lucas Systems. We used Anders for our ProMat 2017 show and we had great results. Our goal was to dramatically improve traffic to our booth and Anders did a great job of being able to not only bring people to our booth but to elaborate on our message and then roll it into how he attracts the crowd and drives them to our booth. So he just did a great job. I look forward to working with him in the future.

Hilti reaction to Trade Show Infotainer Anders

Hi, my name is Jean-Francois Drolet. I work for Hilti Canada and we just had Anders at our booth and it just worked out the booth very well, because he was able to gather the crowd and put on a great show in front of our booth and actually, I mean, it was jam packed. All the sides were very crowded and he’s a great entertainer. After that, the turnout was that many people came into the booth and asked a lot of questions thanks to Anders’ show. Basically, we were able to differentiate ourselves with the show and also, you know, it’s a great exposure for us. This is definitely something we’d like to have in our different trade shows, keep this great way to advertise our community.

Turbonomic CMO Endorses The Infotainers

Hey, this is Tom Murphy. I’m here at AWS re:INvent 2018. We actually leveraged The Infotainers. We had a guy named Rory in our booth. The guy is magicial. He helped us tremendously, not just in the showmanship, but he actually inspired the team, drowv attendance, scanned people. It was really like an extension of our team. We would hire these guys again. They’re amazing. I would suggest, if possible, reach out to them, foind out more, and check out some videos online. They guys are phenomenal. So good luck, good choice. I endorse them 100%

Some Clients Include:

  • Siemens
  • Globally Boundless
  • Ancile Solutions
  • Peak of the Market
  • Protelec Alarms
  • Hep Communications
  • Canadian Forces
  • Polaris Leasing
  • Lily Fasteners
  • Fortinet
  • Olympic Home Builders
  • Tridekon
  • Veeam Software
  • Mercer Bradley
  • Siemens
  • Encom Wireless Solutions
  • Arysta Lifescience
  • Nimbix
  • AGL Grass
  • Irecycle
  • Oberthur Technologies
  • KPA
  • Manage Engine
  • ExtraHop Networks
  • Digigo
  • Infinio
  • Zerto
  • Micron