If you have a service-based business, it may feel difficult to display your offerings at a trade show. Unlike a company with products, there is no straight-forward, physical item to highlight. Luckily, there are still ways to get the job done.

Here are ways to help share your services for trade show success.

Showcase examples.

Whether you work in construction, plan weddings, provide IT support or offer another service, there is work you can physically demonstrate. People want to see how your service can help them; show them through samples. For example:

  • Create books of your work, like portfolios with before and after photos
  • Use a screen with video clips

Target your niche.

Most services have a specific, target demographic; there is a niche you fill. When designing your booth, you have the great benefit of not having to stage the set up around a single product.

Make your trade show booth design about the customer YOU want to attract. If you provide a service for real estate agents, perhaps make the booth like an open house for them to walk through. If your target market is accountants, think of how you can specifically speak to them.

Show how you’ll make life better.

People enroll in a service because it somehow makes life easier or more enjoyable. Automated payroll saves time and stress. Well-run AC means a cooler home or office.

Hone in on how your service makes someone’s life easier, and make that the driving force of your trade show exhibit. Touch on the pain point; what is life like without your service? Then, demonstrate (through displays, examples and in-person speaking) how you can help.

Find ways to symbolize what you do.

Selling services or even products that are an intangible service poses certain challenges. You can’t hold software in your hands.

Where possible find metaphors, analogies and examples that help sell the idea of your company’s product, process or service. Build a “booth hook” or theme around the core benefits of your service. Let’s say your company builds marketing engines for franchisors. Have your booth staff dress in pitcrew outfits and your client’s logos and can be the sponsor patches. The theming of your booth can help sell what you do.

Using a trade show magician to create custom presentations based on your company’s messaging is a great example.The branded magic effects serve as the medium in which attendees learn your company’s value proposition.

Make Your Trade Show Booth an Immersive Experience.

If it’s difficult to show your offerings through a simple video or book, try this: Think of ways you can immerse your potential customers and leads in an interactive experience. Maybe that’s giving them a challenge to try. A task that is far more difficult than they expect. Whatever your strategy, make sure it’s something that ties in directly and strongly with your brand AND makes your service that much more desirable.

Perhaps these ideas have you excited, but also worried about costs. That’s why you may want to check out these 5 Ways to Maximize Your Trade Show Booth Budget.