Hey, it’s Anders, coming to you live from HPE Discover. And something that bugs me and it should bug other companies that exhibit as well, is that I know how much these companies spend to be at this show in terms of sponsorship, roughly. And then I’m appalled by when I walk by and the booth staff have their heads down, they’re shut down, they’re on their phones, ignoring people passing by that could be new leads, that could be new opportunities in the pipeline, but they’re losing those moments of truth in the booth.

So if you’re one of those companies who’s never trained your booth staff to be engaging, to be on point, to be aware of what’s going on and how to actually work a trade show booth, I advise you to look into that. In fact, 21% of booths have never trained their booth staff and only 1% of companies have ever trained their booth staff with an outside professional trainer.

So if you’re a company doing trade shows and you’ve never trained your booth staff, this is something you wanna look into so that you can really harness and capture the value that is here on the trade show floor and be able to create those opportunities and take advantage of them.

Until next time, thanks for watching.