As a trade show exhibitor, video is one of your most cost-effective tools. Thanks to today’s sophisticated editing software and hardware, the number of boring marketing videos has been drastically reduced over the last decade; essentially, anyone who knows their way around a computer can create a great-looking video in no time at all. It’s a great way to show your audience something that might otherwise be impossible to demonstrate using a regular image and allows you to illustrate complicated ideas without a big (and costly!) investment. Here are a few reasons why incorporating video into your next trade show booth exhibit is a must-do!

Video reduces your marketing overhead

From printing brochures and flyers to decorating the booth itself, trade shows be a pretty hefty investment for exhibitors; and unfortunately, a poorly designed booth can go unvisited for the duration of the show. That’s where video comes in. A short, engaging video that powerfully broadcasts your brand’s message and showcases your products can do far more to engage your target demographic – and for less money. Some explainer videos can be created very affordably online.

With video marketing, trade show visitors get the information they need to make educated decisions about exhibitors, providing increased opportunity for booth staff to engage with them.

Videos are engaging without being intrusive

Some attendees feel reluctant or intimidated to talk to trade show staff because they worry about encountering a high-pressure sales situation. Watching a video that is incorporated into a custom booth design allows the individual to learn more about what is being offered in a non-invasive way. Engaging video content can be the first step in the door for new prospects, warming up leads and getting them to stay longer at the booth.

Your trade show video has to be captivating and informative right off the bat; after all, most people will be seeing it from a ways away and without audio. Be sure to include your logo, your best-selling products, and key brand messaging to create movement and tell a complete story. Have your trade show booth staff take the time to explain the content to curious visitors: that added personal touch can really go a long way during an event.

Caution! Videos are engaging, but not as engaging as human interaction. Neuroscience tells us that moving visuals are the most eye-catching and attention-grabbing tactic you can use. However, we also know that the most engaging moving visual in 3D space is a human face! Don’t let passive videos playing in your booth make you think your booth staff can rest on their laurels.

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Each video can be reused many times on multiple platforms

Once you spend the time and effort to create that first video, you can reuse it over and over again on all different social media platforms: your website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and even LinkedIn. Plus, using a video will stay with people longer than a throwaway promotional item (like a pen or magnet). Even videos captured on a smartphone, like customer testimonials or live product demos, can help engage passersby on the trade show floor.

You can connect videos to other digital marketing efforts

Adding a hashtag or social media handle to your trade show videos can connect social media users to the event in real time. Guests at the event will see what others are saying about the business, which can help to build trust and encourage them to find and “like” the business. Social media can also help build long-lasting relationships with leads, making it easier to connect after the show. Following up with potential clients that used your specific hashtag or handle captures the excitement and energy of the show, fostering relationships with potential clients.

Ideas for using video during a trade show

There are several ways to incorporate video into your trade show booth. Here are a few ideas:

  • Video centerpiece loop
  • Interactive touchscreen display
  • Live streaming
  • Live demonstrations
  • Exhibit tours
  • Interviews with visitors & VIPs
  • Q&A sessions

Tips for using video at your trade show booth

  • Create short, digestible videos (it takes about three seconds to capture someone’s attention in a focused piece so getting to the point is important).
  • Focus on the visuals. Don’t spend too much time on the audio, as most of your audience won’t be able to hear it, and make sure the video is visually appealing and easy to see from far away.
  • Use a large screen, and elevate it to increase visibility. In the chaos of a trade show, people ignore or overlook small video screens – but big digital displays get attention.
  • Make your product or brand the star of the video. Make sure your product is the featured star in the video! Start with a close up of the product in action, or display the product in its natural environment.
  • Have a clear message and selling point. You want your video to tell a clear, concise message.

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