If you have read my “Trade Show Traffic Secrets” special report, you know that the first ‘A’ of the Triple ‘A’ Traffic Triangle is to capture attention. Without attention you cannot communicate your value to your potential clients. Earning your prospect’s attention really is the first step in the process.

The #1 Commodity in Marketing is Your Prospect’s Attention

If you think about it, all marketing falls apart if the recipient is not engaged in the message. If a TV commercial is never watched, if junk mail goes unopened, if a driver’s eyes never stray from the road to see a billboard, then all those marketing dollars are wasted.

The trade show industry is notorious for being overpriced. The list of charges that exhibitors face is longer than their arms. To get a return on your marketing dollar, it’s imperative that you have a hook. It’s mission critical that you know how to stop people at your booth and capture their attention.

What’s Your Hook?

What do you do in your booth that attracts prospects like flies to honey? What makes your booth irresistible to passersby? If you can’t answer these questions quickly and easily, chances are you don’t have a hook and your traffic is a fraction of what it could be. A well-chosen giveaway can work wonders. Maybe you have an in-booth game. Don’t think that your hook has to be a cheesy gimmick. Sometimes it can be much more subtle, such as a well-worded opening line that makes your booth visitor want to know more.

I recently had a phone call with one of the Trade Show Traffic Secrets subscribers who was going to be exhibiting at a small tabletop show at an association conference. We chatted and discussed his offer and his lead capture strategy, and he came away with some unique insights. As it turned out, I was going to be attending this very same conference.

At the show I was able to give him some guidance and offered an opening line to engage attendees that worked on two levels. It stopped people in the aisle and conveyed what he did in a concise and intriguing way. This resulted in greater lead creation and a higher R.O.I. for his investment.

Up Sell Your Prospect’s Time and Attention

Just as some fishing jigs have more than one hook, so can your booth. Think of it as up selling your booth visitor’s time and attention. Mr. Attendee saw other attendees walking around with a nice bag to carry around all the free gifts and collaterals. When he sees the booth that is giving away the bags, he approaches and inquires if he could have one as well. The booth staff up sells his time and attention and asks him if he’s tried the game/seen the presenter/entered the draw. Mr. Attendee thinks, “I’m already here. I might as well.” Before you know it, he’s watching a demo and realizing the ways that this vendor can save his company time and money. Not everyone is a prospect, but many don’t realize how your company can help them until you show them.

Leads are good, but educated and motivated leads are even better. Create a hook for your exhibit and land a trophy client!

What hooks have you used in the past that have worked to great effect? I’d love to hear about it.

Need a hook for your booth?

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