We can connect with clients on social media. On the phone. Through direct mail campaigns. However, there is no deeper connection than meeting on a face-to-face level. Creating a relationship is key to long term sales and expansion.

That’s why the #1 way to increase results at a trade show is to: Train your exhibit staff.

However great an individual may be at sales, marketing and/or knowing your firm’s offerings, a trade show is a different world – a new experience that requires a unique mindset.

Training will empower your team to foster relationships and achieve increased ROI. This is accomplished through multiple steps, such as:

How to Choose a Trade Show

Your company may be in a niche market and know the exact events to attend. Or, in contrast, you may be conflicted over which trade show is going to offer the best chance for exposure and lead generation.

That is a great benefit of trade show training; an experienced professional will be able to learn more about your company, understand its goals and help your team choose the very best show(s) accordingly.

Execute the Ultimate Trade Show Booth Methods

The little details are often what make or break a great exhibit booth. For example:

  • How to craft an elevator pitch that lures prospects into the booth, hungry for more information.
  • Where to put your booth for the best exposure. (Especially when attending large trade show booths. You know what they say – Location, Location, Location!)
  • The straight-forward methods for building credibility quickly and efficiently.

With the right trade show booth training, these can be taught to every member of your exhibit staff. The investment will make itself evident after each trade show – when the lead gen is reported.

Define & Achieve Your Intention

Before entering a trade show, your entire team needs to know the ultimate goals. Whether it’s to do one or more of the following:

  • Increase sales
  • Generate more leads
  • Launch a product
  • Develop deeper connections with clients
  • Check up on the competition
  • Gather market research

Knowing the desired outcomes of the trade show will help enable staff to know what to focus training and intention on. If your team doesn’t know the desired result, how will it know the best path to achieve it?

Be Inspired by Freud – Get Psychological

In-depth trade show booth training dives deep into the mind; it explores the psychological barriers many people have. Then, most importantly, it reveals how to react and interact based on these phenomena.

From the colors of your booth to the body language of trade show booth staff, there are psychological factors that may be discouraging people from approaching or becoming prospects – elements you are not even aware of. (It’s kind of crazy. Even elements like carpet color can mess with people’s minds.)

Good news though.

Training that Guarantees Increased ROI

Trade show booth trainers – using knowledge and experience from a plethora of trade shows – know how to tackle and overcome these barriers and equip staff with other important resources.

Learn more about what can be expected with an expert exhibit trainer and, hey, even more ways it can help your company here: Trade Show Training.

P.S. Don’t just take it from us. On that page, hear from real life testimonials!

Why to Hire a Trade Show Magician

You are planning to attend a trade show, perhaps have even signed up for one already. Now – it’s time to ask –

What is the best way to get attendees to stop and take notice of your booth and educate them on how you can help them?

A powerful method is to enlist the help of a trade show magician. It’s entertainment that also integrates your brand and messaging. Read on to learn specific ways such entertainment has helped companies such as Fortinet, Siemens and Veeam Software at trade shows across the globe.

Impress Trade Show Attendees

You and your company want to make a great impression on prospects, especially at a trade show – where people may be hearing of your products or services for the first time.

A trade show magician excites attendees. This grabs their attention before they even consciously decide whether to walk up to your booth or not. Delivering an enticing message in an entertaining way. The entertainment is the “spoonful of sugar” that helps the medicine go down. Even the most boring of products and services can be brought to life by a professional trade show magician.

These feelings of excitement, wonder and awe, in turn, will be directly associated with your organization.

Stand Out in the Crowd

Trade shows can have 100s, even 1000s of booths. Among so many companies, there are probably several direct competitors. This is why it is so important that your booth stand out.

Making your trade show booth unique is easy with an exhibit booth magician. It’s been proven – again and again – that attendees are naturally drawn to an entertainment experience. Then, in turn, subtly persuaded into interacting with your company.

In a world of black and white ads, it’s like having an interactive, 3D color commercial on the corner of your booth. The difference is like night and day. Trade show magicians are proactive meaning they are systematically creating an audience and attracting attendees to your booth. Which sure beats waiting for prospects to come to you.

A professional trade show magician will do more than get people applauding; they will engage the audience and showcase your brand front and center while surgically implanting your company’s name and value proposition into the minds of the booth visitors.

Create Higher Retention Rates

They say it’s easy to learn if you are having fun. Well the reason that’s true is because when you are having fun different parts of your brain light up. When you are having fun you enter a learning state which enable the participant to understand and recall more about the topic than if a dry straight forward presentation had taken place.

Plus, people love a good magic show.

What Other Questions Do You Have?

Learn further benefits of hiring an exhibit magician and, ask any other questions you may have, here.