They say the devil is in the details.  That is very true in the world of trade show marketing. The small details that differentiate you from the competition can actually become deal breakers or deal makers.  Which side do you want to be on?

Hi, it’s Anders the Trade Show Infotainer again. Today we are going to talk about something what shouldn’t be needed to be talked about. It should be common sense but  we are going to talk about it because commonsense isn’t so common. It’s about personal hygiene on the trade show floor. When you are working a booth as a sales person as  for a company it is imperative to have impeccable hygiene, it’s amazing how many people don’t shave, they don’t use any sort of a breath freshener to cover up their bad breath. To eliminate the cause of bad breathe you just want to be on  a good diet, eating a good clean diet of fruits and vegetables, less meat creates less acid build up in the stomach resulting in less bad breath. Just cover all bases you should have some breath mints on hand. It’s amazing how many people don’t think of these little details. If you are going to find a company that was going to supply you everything you needed they were a total solution provider for what your company needed except their sales rep is disgusting. Are you going to do business with them?. A lot of people would say no.  Don’t let a $1 pack of breath mints cost your company a $100,000 sale. That’s something you want to think about. Another point to consider is your personal grooming or lack thereof. Guys you are  going  to want to trim that nose hair. Long wandering nose hairs can be a real turn off to buyers. You should also button up that top collar. Lot of guys like to leave their chest hair hanging out. Make sure your shoes are shined and make sure that your jacket and your suit are steamed, and your shirt is pressed. You want to look crisp, you want to look professional and put together.  Some sales reps just look like a bunch of  slouches out there. Their shirts are un-tucked, they are wrinkled. It sends the wrong message, so do what you can to make yourself look the part. Remember what Leonardo da Vinci said “Details make perfection, yet perfection is no detail”. So you got to take care of those details, and you gonna have more success, on the trade show floor.