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Hi it’s Anders again with another Trade Show Marketing minute. Today we are going to talk about BlackBerrys,  and iPhones. It’s a real trend especially smart phones being so popular. People are using their phones in the booths a little too much. They are so involved in what they are doing and they are not attending to the prospects that walk by the booth.

That’s the one exhibiting error that I see a lot.  it’s easy to say no phones in the booth but it’s not as easy to do When you feel that phone buzz on your hip you want to know who it is you want to check immediately.

It  isn’t a very professional thing to do in a trade show. You want to make sure you are present, and be present with the people there, and be open and ready to receive any sort of questions or inquiries. When you have your head down and looking at your BlackBerry, it looks like you trying to shut everyone out and be in your own little world. That’s not sending the right message to your prospects and potential leads and customers

Leave the phone alone! If you are a trade show marketing manager, crack down on phones in the booth.  For you next show, brainstorm what you and your team can do to minimize this nasty booth habit.

Until next time, I wish you trade show success!

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