When you’re planning a trade show booth, there’s a lot of things on the To Do list – but is incorporating a magic show one of them?

Most businesses haven’t considered this possibility before. Amid the booth design, team selection and beyond, there is so much else happening that utilizing a specialized performer may not be on your radar. Using this approach is a departure for most companies.

Luckily, that is to your advantage. It means you have the chance to have an engaging brand defining presentation that no one else will.

Here are the proven benefits of using a trade show magician at a live marketing event.

Magic Shows Get People to Stop

When people see a trick being performed, they tend to slow down or stop to observe. We are all intrigued by things that defy logic and physics. As soon as a few people stop to take in the performance, others begin stopping to find out what everyone is watching. Pretty soon, there is a full on crowd. It’s a natural phenomenon – people want to see what other people are seeing. This automatically leverages your company’s ability to get your message heard.

Magic Transcends Language

At some international shows not everyone is speaking the same language. English tends to be the language of business and yet it’s not everyone’s mother tongue.

Magic, on the other hand, is universal. No matter where you are from in the world you recognize magic when you see it. This enables company to have a wide audience appeal and connect with potential clients in foreign markets.

Magic Shows Keep People Entertained

People may think they’re only stopping for a moment, but they tend to stay. Here’s one reason: Folks of all ages love magic. Whether they are entranced by the performance or determined to figure out, “How did they do it?!” – magic shows keep people watching.

What many people don’t realize is that when people are entertained and immersed in a presentation their brain goes from waking beta waves to low alpha waves. Kind of like how your kids zone out while watching television. In the alpha frequency band, the logical part of the brain starts to switch off putting them into a receptive state allowing in more suggestions. That makes magic a very powerful medium in the world of trade show marketing.

Magic Shows are a Unique Way to Introduce Your Brand

This is the amazing advantage of a trade show booth featuring magic. You have an opportunity to make a memorable impression and have people walking away with positive feelings associated to your brand.

Magic is an incredibly unique way to intertwine elements of your brand – such as values, benefits and features of your products and/or services – into the show. People are interested already because of the show – and so will likely be even more open to hearing about your unique business solutions. Utilizing magic as a visual metaphor is a great way to symbolize the advantages of an intangible product. (like software).

Proven Trade Show Magicians Offer a Guarantee

You can feel confident about your trade show booth and results by hiring an entertainer who offers a money back guarantee – and has a portfolio of rave reviews. Learn more about an experienced trade show magician, one who offers a leads guarantee – or your investment back, here: Hiring a Proven Trade Show Magician.