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As you can see that the show is over for now, for today. There is something that we can learn from the day. There was one thing my client didn’t understand, they didn’t know what to do, with all the people that I had gathered around the booth.

What is your call to action, what is your method of lead acquisition? These are important questions as an exhibitor you have to ask yourself. How you are going to handle a ton of leads if they mob your booth?

If you don’t have a process to do it than what was the point of even exhibiting?  So, let me just paint the picture and tell you what happened today.  Imagine that I am working a booth and I have just  built the crowd out to critical mass, I’ve communicated your marketing message and then brought the prospects into the booth, in the process, hand delivering them to the sales team and they just didn’t know what to do. They just stared at them.

This is why pre-show trainings are important. It prepares the staff both physically and mentally for what they are about to encounter.  A training empowers your booth staff to be able to take control and go into an in booth demonstration.

When you have someone who is taking the alpha role as a trade show infotainer, magician or presenter, someone who has the ability to draw people in, you need to be able to pass off that control to someone. That person or persons can split the crowd up and  go into a demonstration or scan a badge, ask some revealing questions or what have you.

I can’t do everything, I can stop the crowd, I can convey your message, I can bring the leads to you, but then at some point you have to take over. I can’t literally pry open their wallets, or pull their credit cards out, I can’t do that for them, they have to do that themselves with your help.

So you have to find a way of taking it to the next step. As an exhibitor ask yourself what can we do? What is the process? Take them step by step towards the sale. At least get the lead, and then follow the path, provide them with value, overload them with that value so that they have no choice but to do business with you.