It’s all relative. Take a lesson from Anders and watch his trade show marketing tip about how to look successful at the show to be successful. It’s all relative.

Hi it’s Anders with another Trade Show Marketing Minute Tips. Today we are going to talk about Relativity, no not of the physics time and space kind but we will be talking about space. Space in your booth.
Let me get to my little white board here, alright my portable white board. Let’s say that you have your company with a small booth 10 by 10. Then you take some sales people, and in this case let’s say there are four sales reps. I probably didn’t draw those to scale but you know that if we put four people in 10 by 10 booths it’s getting a little tight. Now you got to think about that if those are all four sales people all dressed alike, and your prospect is wandering by, it’s going to be somewhat intimidating because you have so many people all dressed alike and almost like a gang all in that small area.
You can see that too many people taking up too much space in that booth. If this is similar to your circumstances with a small company in a 10’ by 10’ booth then two of these people should be going on break and you should be scheduling it so that there are only two staff in the booth at the same time.
Now conversely there is another problem when you have a huge booth. When you have a huge booth and you got your sales people, and you may also get some prospects in there as well. For example let’s say a 50’ by 50’. Of course booths seem to get bigger and bigger every year, and the bigger the booth you have the more empty it looks, right? Just because there is more space. You need to put more people in that booth to make it look like there is something going on in there.
Now of course if you put in some more sales people that really doesn’t do justice because it’s embarrassing to have more sales people in a booth than prospects. It looks like you are not busy at all.
So the question is, How do you get more bodies in your booth? The more warm bodies you have the more you create social proof. You are showing that’s something is going on here, there is something here of interest. When people see that and they want to be a part of it, they want to get in the booth too, they want to find out what is happening?
Of course that’s how you position yourself or how you posture, how you can put your best foot forward and say that you are number one in the market. People are always interested in what other people are interested in, that’s just the reason reality TV is so popular.
So how do you get these people in the booth? There are a few things that you can do, one of them, and is of course the reason I am bringing this up, is to use an infotainer, using a trained presenter who is specialized in bringing crowds into the booth and then educating those crowd, and then turning the crowds over to the sales people. It’s one of the things you can do. Some people have a big draw for a big item and expensive item perhaps something of great value, they will all come because they have to be present for the draw. Then you get them in the booth, that’s one way of doing it.
Some demonstrations can be quite interesting in fact when you look at some of the reports, using a demonstration is the number one way of getting people in the booth but if you can’t demonstrate your product, what you do? That’s when Infotainer can be effective and create a visual metaphor to communicate what you do for people.
How do you get people in your booth? Create that social proof, show that people are interested in your company and you are number one in the market. Until next time I wish you all the success in your trade shows exhibiting.