I thought you might enjoy this excerptt form “Exhibitions and Trade Shows by S. Ivan Jurisevic

“When you are at a show, walk around and notice where show visitors are gathered. Almost invariably, it is where there is an activity of some sort going on. Sometimes they involve testing their skills in a fun way, perhaps throwing balls, hitting golf balls or driving remote-controlled cars. Sometimes they are purely entertainment, such as provided by singers or magicians. Or they may be celebrities such as sports people.

Even an interesting video can draw people. Sporting videos are among the most attractive, especially ones showing spectacular crashes and spills. I have even seen running a live broadcast of a football game, and it was attracting a lot of people.

All of these can both fun to watch, and they can certainly get a large number of people around the booth.

Use the demonstration as a prospecting technique. If, instead of a general interest demonstration, you demonstrate your product, it will tend to attract those who have an interest in it. Those who are not interested will move on, which is exactly what you want. In addition, your staff can move amongst the people watching the demonstration and further qualify them to identify prospective clients.

<h3>But our product/service can’t be demonstrated</h3>

Some companies say that their service cannot be demonstrated, and they can give all sorts of reasons why.

Find a way. Sit down with your team and brainstorm a way to do it. There is always some method of demonstrating your service, even if it is only a person talking to a video that shows your product in use.

Incidentally, a video on it’s own, be it a corporate video or one of your product in action, will not do the job. You know this yourself from all the lonely videos you have seen at shows, busily talking to nobody at all. The key is that there is a live person on your stand talking to passers-by and engaging them in an exchange of information.”