Whether you’re an expert or just starting out at trade shows, your success depends on your level of preparation and organization. Even if you already know your target audience, your strategy, and your message, a great deal of work must be done before and during the show to achieve your goals and receive a good return on your time and investment. One easy way to get everything organized, set reminders, and prepare everything before the trade show is to utilize trade show management software.

Although different software does different things (some focus on lead capture and retrieval, while others drill down into the event itself with floor maps and marketing tools), knowing what’s out there can help you decide which one is best for you. Here’s a list of the top 5 trade show management software programs for 2019.


iCapture is a great app that essentially turns your iPad, iPhone, or Android device into a magnet for new leads during a trade show. It takes the hassle out of dealing with lost leads, double handling, and deciphering a long list of handwritten emails. You can use this system for lead capture, trade show badge scanning, business card scanning, email list building, drawings and giveaways, and lead scoring. It instantly scans, downloads all of the essential information, and stores it directly within the app on your phone.

One of our favorite features is its auto-reply email feature: you can follow up with those prospects you landed by delivering personalized messages and document links to them interested.

G2 Planet

G2Planet is the “smartest” event management solution with three platforms for corporate event management. Our two picks are EventCENTRAL, which helps you to improve the end-to-end processes in your event marketing or improve individual operations. Features include event connects, email blaster, CEU certification, lead capture, budgeting, speaker management, surveys, and more. Our second pick, EventMAX, includes 21 feature-rich and flexibly integrated software modules: a command center, event website, speaker management, registration, hotel room management, event networking, and 13 others.

This is a good pick if you want more of a one-stop-shop in your trade show software.

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Monday.com is a simple and visual event management software that helps you plan your work, organize it, and execute it all in one place. It allows you to track all the details of your trade show before the big day (key dates, registration dates, deadlines, etc.) and will notify you of upcoming items. Other features include easy promotion planning, visual schedules, budget planning, personalized templates, and more.

This is a great option if you’re looking for something to simply help keep you organized. Trade shows involve a lot of deadlines and time-sensitive materials, and utilizing a project management software like Monday can really help keep everything organized in one place.


Eventtia is another event management software that aims to simplify the logistics end of things during a trade show. Eventtia allows to promote your trade shows with branded web pages, register your leads and manage your contacts, and create meaningful business opportunities by staying in contact with your attendees through mobile app push notifications. There are four different elements to the platform: event management software, a B2B matchmaking and networking platform, event mobile app, exhibition management software, and your event website (which you can create directly on the app).

This is a solid user-friendly option that will cover all your bases before, during, and after trade shows.


EventGeek is an online platform that allows you to organize all of your trade shows and details in one place. Features include full event project management, event budget tracking, ROI tracking, lead capture, contact and file sharing, meetings and sales help, travel and shipment inventory tracking, CRM tracking, and scheduling via Outlook and Google Calendar.

Our favorite thing about EventGeek is that it’s helpful if you exhibit at just a few trade shows a year, or if you’re planning to exhibit at 50+; there are features for all levels of exhibitors.

And that’s our list of the best trade show management software for 2019! For more trade show tips and tricks, check out our other blogs; or take a look at our trade show services for help during your next event.