If you’re hosting a trade show booth at a large-scale event, there will probably be competitors there. Don’t see this is as a negative; this likely means you are exactly where you need to be! Plus, this type of in-person event is the perfect chance to show your unique personality and purpose.

Here are trade show tips to practice with and stand out amongst the competition.

Create a compelling experience.

Do something that your competitors aren’t. This could be offering:

  • Giveaways that provide true value to your dream clients. (Make sure they have your branding and logo.)
  • 15 minute consultations to provide one-on-one time, which offers value AND builds direct relationships with your company’s experts.

Be intentional with trade show booth design.

Stand out from the crowd visually by getting innovative with your trade show booth and display. Find ideas for doing just that with this Secret to Great Trade Show Booth Design.

Primarily focus on your own brand.

It’s easy to feel confident going into an event, especially if you done such thorough prep work, then feel intimidated or nervous upon seeing other companies’ approaches. Don’t get too sidetracked because each company has their own brand and methodology. Keep the emphasis on what it is that makes your offerings unique.

Do check out what the competition is doing.

While you don’t want to get distracted by other companies, it’s important to take in what the competition is doing and see what ideas are sparked. Are there problems you’re not solving that they might be? If most firms are going after one demographic, is there are another target market you can hone in on better?

Be nice.

Be genuinely kind and hospitable to everyone, including your competitors. Staring down or talking poorly about other companies will only reflect negatively on your own firm. Instead, be cordial and genuine. After all, you may each serve a somewhat different niche and even be a resource for one another.

Have a truly knowledgeable and engaging spokesperson.

Above all, people are drawn to other humans who are energized and entertaining. The trade show attendees will be compelled to the booth with that type of person. Make sure your spokesperson (or people) at the trade show exhibit has the skills to communicate the offerings, as well as draw a crowd. Hiring a professional trade show entertainer is the perfect way to do this. (Make sure their testimonials show serious ROI.)