Most tech companies exhibit at trade shows every year.

There are important reasons why and strategies for doing so.

Build Rapport with Face-to-Face Time

In an industry where most connections are online, attending a trade show is a great way to get facetime and build important relationships.

There’s no better way to establish rapport with someone than meeting and chatting in-person. Even if your product is totally virtual.

Which reminds me of a quote from my mentor Joel Bauer, “No matter how much you click from place to place, it will never replace face to face.”

Establish Credibility

Having a trade show exhibit at well-known, industry events earns your brand instant credibility.

Let’s say you exhibit at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas. Your company is a vendor alongside companies like Samsung, LG, Sony and Panasonic.

By placing yourself in line with well-reputed industry brands, your own company perceived value is elevated.

Stay Up-to-Date of the latest developments at Tech Trade Shows

Technology is changing faster than ever before. It’s only in the last ten years people have started using phones as a GPS and to scroll Instagram. The tech industry is changing non-stop, at a phenomenal speed.

Often, trade shows are the source of unveiling the newest technology. Here is an example:

At CES 2017, all things related to self-driving cars was a major draw. A variety of tech companies, like Intel and Harmen, joined forces with automotive companies, and displayed their progress and made important announcements at this show. Those there got the most immediate information from the sources themselves. One big update was that AT&T announced work with Delphi and Ford to improve vehicle communication.

Receive Immediate, Valuable On-Site Feedback

For the most part, your potential and current customers learn about your offerings from afar.

At your trade show booth, you are able to see how people react to your company’s technology. Good or bad, invite their feedback and hear their worries and concerns.

This can help you sculpt your offerings, marketing and branding to what your target audience truly needs and wants in future versions and updates of your product or service.

Find the Best Tech Trade Shows in 2018

Now that you’ve learned the major benefits of exhibiting at a trade show booth, it’s time to pick the event. To get started, check out these Top Tech Trade Shows 2018.