So the other day, I was training a company, their booth staff in a tradeshow and it was made up of a bunch of engineers and very technical-minded people. And what was interesting was I added an extra slide to the presentation that was from our Presenting for Profits training, and talked about coming from the heart when you communicate. And in moving your thoughts down from this technical side of things and bringing it down to a place, it kind of changes your voice and it helps you connect to people. And I kind of threw that into the presentation, not knowing how they would take it. You know, because it was kind of a little bit more like “woo-woo” if you will.

And what happened was the response was that everyone… The takeaways that people were sharing with us was just like, “Hey, I really resonated with that heart thing.” And I think that’s a really good reminder, especially for people who are in technology, that it’s not just about the technology. It’s about connecting with people and making their jobs easier. And anyways, I just want to share that here because I think it’s such an important point.

Can you come from the heart when you’re communicating, whether it’s technology or whatever you’re doing? Move it down, see how it feels, and see if your results change.