Las Vegas trade shows offer great opportunities to generate leads and grow your business; however, unforeseen circumstances here can also lead to abrupt stress and exhaustion. With the right know how, it’s easy to avoid the unexpected hassles.

This guide to surviving a trade show in Las Vegas offers strategies to ensure you have a great exhibiting experience…and still feel good after.

  1. 1. Plan Transportation To & From Airport Strategically.

    • When you step outside the Las Vegas airport, a very long taxi line is almost guaranteed. If your hotel doesn’t offer shuttles, book one ahead of time (or hey, maybe even a limo. If you have a large party attending the trade show, the number of seats in a limo may actually cost less! Plus, that’s a pretty great morale booster for your team.)
  2. 2. When Booking Hotels, Remember the Travel Fees.

    • You may be able to find a room farther from the venue that is cheaper. However, remember that Las Vegas transport, like taxis, to and from the trade show venue will add up fast. Plus, if a specific hotel has paired up with the trade show to offer special deals, you are more likely to meet and mingle with other exhibitors and attendees (like potential leads!) outside of the trade show. Also, keep in mind that some hotels charge resort fees on top of their existing room rates.
  3. 3. Take Care of Yourself

    • Las Vegas has 24 hour attractions and parties going on, which can be tempting, but it’s critical to still get enough sleep. Sufficient rest will help you feel good and confident at your trade show booth – rather than trying to serve potential customers off 2 hours of Zs.
    • The air is also very dry in this desert state, which can irritate the skin, nose and mouth – interrupting sleep. There’s an easy way to help combat this: When you check into your hotel, request an air humidifier. (Many of the hotels have them.)
    • Drink lots of water! Talking all day at a trade show is bad enough for your voice let alone doing so in a desert. Carry a bottle of water around with you and fill it up at the water cooler stations.
  4. 4. Be Weather Wise.

    • Though you may indoors at the trade show most of the time, remember to bring very light clothes for when you are outside. And, as the weather is indeed very dry, bring plenty of chapstick and lotion. It’s no fun leaving a trip with chapped lips and cracked skin!
    • The same goes for water. Staying hydrated throughout the trip is not only good for your body, it helps keep your energy up and your mind fresh throughout the trade show. (With post-event cocktails and dinner drinks, it’s especially important to drink plenty of water with any increased alcohol intake.)
  5. 5. Reserve, Reserve, Reserve.

    • Las Vegas is famous for many shows and restaurants, which tend to book up and sell out. Rather than spend an hour after the conference walking from place to place, leading to stress and decrease in morale, book reservations ahead of time. (This is especially critical when attending a big convention because there will be more people than usual seeking out the same locales.)
  6. 6. What Happens in Vegas, Does Not Necessarily Stay in Vegas.

    • Camera phones. Social media. Gopros. There are many reasons you may want your team to stay above board in Las Vegas, and it’s more important than ever to do so when images and videos can be shared so easily. Remember, actions by a company’s team do reflect back on the company and its offerings.
    • This being said, make it easy for team members to know what is ok and what is not by setting expectations beforehand. Say :
      • What is allowed and encouraged (seeing a show one night, hitting a bar to cheers on the last night, etc. The team should have some fun while there!) <br/ >AND
      • What is not (I’ll leave you to fill in the blanks here!).
    • By discussing these boundaries, it is also more likely to result in a more cohesive team who got a decent amount of sleep!

Trade shows, like ones in Las Vegas, truly offer so much opportunity to you and your company. There is a lot of planning and prep that can make sure it a successful experience.

If you feel your company could benefit from more advice, have you thought about trade show consulting?