Attending a trade show in the Bay Area is an exciting endeavor; Silicon Valley is a place thriving with startups, technology and new opportunities. Having a booth at a San Francisco trade show (or nearby city) also requires forward thinking and planning.

Here are simple ways to be prepared:

Look at Multiple Airports in the Bay Area

Businesses may automatically book flights to and from San Francisco Airport (SFO). However, there are other airports nearby that may – depending on a variety of factors – offer cheaper fares or more convenient take off times. Make sure to also look at flights to:

  • San Jose Airport
  • Oakland Airport

Use Public Transport like BART

Driving in San Francisco can be difficult. Between heavy traffic and the many one way streets, it may be best to focus mental energy on the trade show – not being nervous about driving in this city. Plus, parking can get expensive.

Good news though: There’s some great public transport in the Bay Area – especially in San Francisco. Look at using:

Evaluate Accommodations Carefully

It’s ideal to stay close to the trade show venue. However, prices for San Francisco hotels can get steep. Because of this, it’s critical to try and book as early as possible. Don’t be afraid to look a little farther away from the venue, too, if you can use public transport easily. Just make sure to have a Plan A and Plan B for transport – in case any delays come up with the first route.

Pack in Layers

San Francisco has a variety of weather. It may be foggy in the morning, sunny by noon and then have vicious wind shortly after. Though you’ll probably be inside most of the time, manning your SF trade show booth – pack for a variety of weather to be safe. (This definitely includes bringing a raincoat and/or umbrella. California is known as a sunny state, but it does rain a fair amount here!)

Keep in mind this observation from Mark Twain, “The coldest winter I ever spent was that summer in San Francisco.”

Stand Out with Your Trade Show Presentation

Silicon Valley is a highly competitive space; it’s incredibly important to stand out from your competition here.

A simply way to do that: hire a professional trade show presenter who can deliver measurable results. Here’s how to learn more – and get a completely FREE consultation with a professional trade show presenter.