Fun fact: Your brain and your potential customers’ brains process visual information 60,000x faster than text.

And, according to Forrestor CSO Insights, visual information makes up 90% of all information transmitted to your brain.

So, suffice it to say: visuals in all things marketing and branding are absolutely critical. It’s a majority of what your brain processes and what it can take in the quickest, so it must be incorporated into your trade show booth.

No matter how great your product or service is or how carefully crafted the copy is, the visual of your expo booth design creates the first impression that will determine whether or not someone wants to approach your trade show display.

There are a few simple ways to take advantage of this information, including one especially powerful, secret way to really take your visuals up to the next level.

Let’s start with basic details & research-backed info first.

  1. Be Color Conscious
  2. When it comes to trade show booth design, you want to make sure your trade show exhibit booth colors will attract potential leads and customers. Keep in mind that:

    1. Color images hold human attention spans longer (at well over 2 seconds) than black and white images (holding attention for only 2 – 3 seconds).
    2. Color psychology plays an important role in how your trade show exhibit booth is perceived. Really milk these trade show tips for exhibitors by learning about color psychology (like which colors lend way to which emotions & feelings) at this Small Biz Trends Color Psychology & Color Theory Page.

  3. Make the Attendee the Focus
  4. It’s easy to focus on your company – its history, recent awards, etc. But think carefully – what elements of your company are going to create interest and pull in new leads? Because, alas, they just might not care the company was founded in 1965. In every aspect of your design, hit them with benefits NOT features.

  5. Create an Easy-to-Decide Focal Point
  6. Humans have short attention spans: a mere average of 8 seconds according to this Telegraph article. With such limited time to grab attention, it’s vital to make for an attendee decision of WHERE to look and WHAT to process very easy.
    Like a call to action button placed on your website or company newsletter, attendees need to be informed on the next step.

  7. Less is More
  8. Be careful not to add too much text to your booth signage. Anything text heavy is imposing and will be most likely will be ignored by attendees. Be to the point and on point. The simpler you keep your signage the more direct and congruent your message will be. Hopefully resulting in more booth visitors.

Here’s the easy way to address such trade show booth design ideas and ensure your expo booth design attracts the right leads & attendees.

Hire a trade show booth entertainer.

The visual imagery of trade show booth entertainment drawing crowds automatically creates a positive image of your business & company. A trade show booth entertainer offers other value:

  1. Having an entertainer or trade show magician tells attendees exactly where to look.
  2. A professional trade show booth entertainer is highly trained & skilled in drawing trade show booth crowds. With great experience in trade show marketing, they will be able to know the benefits & topics that attendees will be drawn to.
  3. Working with you and your company, they help take care of the trade show booth planning and can offer many ideas – creating smooth trade show exhibit ideas & visuals to ensure YOUR trade show booth success.

Learn more about the amazing benefits of hiring a trade show booth entertainer here.