Learn how to minimize psychological barriers to your trade show booth.

Hi it’s Anders the infotainer again, and in the past I’ve talked about barriers. Here is a tip, a strategy to make sure you don’t have any barriers in your booth. When I talked about it before I talked more about having a table, having different types of fencing or anything like that around your booth that prevents people from coming in.
Well today I want to talk about psychological barriers. My client at the show did a very  great job of making sure there are no psychological barriers. I want to pan down here a little bit, you can actually see, hopefully you can see that the aisle and the booth are the exact same color for the carpet. What happens is when the prospects come into the booth they don’t really realize that they are in the booth as compared to a booth on this side, you can actually see that there is different color, from the booth carpet and the aisle. That change in carpet denotes a boundary.
What happens is that people will be subconsciously  repelled by that boundary. I don’t what it is but I have tried to get them into the booth, but when they see different color they will stop right on that line it’s a weird thing. It’s just like they just know they don’t want to get sucked in, or something like that.  
So that is a tip for you in the future. Let’s take action, at your next trade show, find out what color the aisle is, and make your booth the same color as carpet color. see if that works if it works.  Until next time I wish you all the trade show success.