I was reading “All Marketers Are Liars” by Seth Godin (all his books are great, read them!) and one excerpt really popped out at me. It said “When we walk a trade show we actually notice very little. Most of us have a very simple default frame. If it’s not remarkable and exceptional, ignore it. If someone tries to sell you something, decline. Making something a little better doesn’t help you because people won’t bother noticing it.”

Walk any trade show floor and his point will become abundantly obvious.  Very few companies put themselves out there. They all play it so safe that none of them are memorable.  There is a saying that goes “the more you are alike, the quicker you are forgotten.” This is exactly Seth’s point.  Only purple cows get noticed.

What’s your purple cow? Do what no one else is doing. Dare to be different. I talk with corporations that do a dozens of trade shows a year and they spend t