I had a potential client ask me an interesting question the other day. He said if he had the attendee list already why would someone with my skill set be required. I turned the question back on him. If you had the attendee list why bother going to the show at all?

The truth is that “No matter how much you click place to place, it will never replace face to face.” Getting in front of decision makers is an expensive proposition. If you had to fly and meet with all the potential clients it would far too costly. Being able to have prospects come to you all day long for 3 days in a row is an amazing opportunity.

But wait! What if we could not only meet with these people but have them learn about your product or service in a way that is unforgettable. If we could create an experience that they will remember long term. An experience that will position your product, process or service as the obvious choice in the industry. What if this interactive presentation could warm up potential clients to the opportunity. Taking them from casual observers to interested qualified leads.