It’s Anders the Trade Show Infotainer here, and today I want to talk about cross-selling. Now, when you’re cross-selling at a trade show booth, this is where you are the intermediary.  You’re going to take the person who is the attendee, the booth visitor, and you’re going to take them to the proper person. Because sometimes you might not be the right expert. So it’s important that you’re being a host here.

Your booth is your home, and you’ve got to treat it like such. So when a booth visitor comes, whether or not that’s your department, whether or not that’s what you handle, you’re going to greet that booth visitor and make them feel welcome. You can offer them some free gifts, scan their badge, do whatever, but find out what their needs are and then introduce them to the right person.

So you’re not just going to say, “Talk to Bill”. That doesn’t count. They don’t know who Bill is. They don’t know what he looks like. So you either say, “Wait here. Let me get someone for you. I’ll be right back,” and then give them something to play with, the free gift, a coffee or whatever you are giving away at the boot, and then go and get Bill and bring him there. Or, if you know where Bill is and you see that he’s free say, “Follow me. I’ll introduce you to Bill. He’s an expert in this department.”

At this point you really want to edify that person. You want to build them up and make them into the person they really want to talk to and an expert in that content. And that’s going to help that person with rapport. It’s going to help that person have credibility when they meet that prospect.

So you bring him over, introduce them. You might want to update him on what that booth visitor told you so that prospect or that booth attendee doesn’t have to repeat the same conversation over again. You give them a little summary so that everyone’s on the same page, and then they can take it from there. So that’s what you’ve got to do.

So the next time when you’re at the booth, remember to cross-sell. Do it appropriately. Be a host in your booth and introduce people. Be a matchmaker and get those sales rolling. Until next time. Pack your booth!