Trade show giveaways.  All the booths have them, but why do they work and which types of gifts really pull in the trade show leads.To receive more videos like this plus over $598 in profit producing tools go to

Hi it’s Anders, Infotainer again with another Trade Show Marketing Tip. Today we are going to talk about giveaways. I have talked about giveaways in the past but I didn’t get into specifics. These are the giveaways that I use and I’ll get into why in a moment.

People use all different types of giveaways, they use hats, mugs, you know I’ve seen some of the companies even use glasses, you know like a glass of water kind of glass, and it seem like a kind of an odd thing to use as a giveaway because it’s obviously quite heavy and what happens is people have to carry around with them all day plus it’s breakable.  Maybe not the best choice in hind sight.

What I suggest is getting a giveaway that has a teaching element to. And that is what I have here. The teaching element is important because what happens is the giveaway is useless without some interaction from one of your sales people. By making the sales people an integral part of the giveaway by teaching the prospects how to use it they position themselves as mentors, as trusted advisors. This positioning sets the salesperson up so that they can help the prospect with other problems and become that solutions provider.

Now not only this will help but also they have the ability to touch that prospect, move into their personal space, the space reserved for friends and family. That’s going to further the relationship and further the whole sales call. Use your giveaways to truly make contact with your potential customer and then follow up and nurture that relationship to create sales. Giveaways are very important and I want you to take a closer look at what you giveaway at your shows.

If you are interested in the specific giveaways I use, contact me I can tell you where to get them.  Until next time I wish your all trade show success.