The best Trade Show Presenters will get a large crowd by attracting the attention of the attendees passing by the trade show booth. There are a few ways to get the attention of others, but the most important factor in getting attention is by standing apart from the other Trade Show booths. Some companies do this by having unique giveaways on the chairs, special draw prizes and unique presentation theaters. Sometimes though, you need more than just an interesting booth to fill the seats.

Trade Show Presenters that are worth their salt, are comfortable with uncertainty and find it easy to cavort with passersby. They know that a crowd will develop if people can be engaged and feel comfortable with the presenters energy.

The Difference Between an Internal Speaker and a Professional Trade Show Presenter

Sometimes you see a presenter at a trade show who is most likely an internal speaker (from the company, not hired guns) talking with a quivering voice. They are pleading with people to sit down. You can hear that they are nervous and they are unsure that a crowd will materialize to fill their presentation theater. This is the kiss of death. No one wants to be stuck in a presentation where they are the only person in attendance.

Booth visitors need to feel safe, secure and at home in a booth. They need to be led by a competent trade show presenter who has the confidence to make people feel at ease. This level of confidence creates an attractive energy that instead of repelling people attracts them into the presentation. Attendees immediately know when they are in “good hands”.

What Makes a Trade Show Presenter Great

Some of the best trade show presenters have very unique skill sets that help them generate interest and capture the attention of your prospects. Some of them might have a background in comedy, Improv, juggling, magic, or even yo-yo. Any demonstrable skill can be an asset as it helps them turn heads and attract eyeballs.

Having these other skills gives a great trade show presenter more depth. It allows them to be much more than just a talking head. The audience also gets more out of the presentation because there is an entertainment element to the show.

The real secret that trade show presenters use to draw a crowd is a crowd. Nothing builds a crowd more than a large group of people who are engaged and enjoying a presentation already in progress. If a presenter can do a good job on the front end, the crowds will build themselves.