Orlando, Florida, is a hot spot for trade shows. Some examples include:

That’s why I’ve created this guide to Orlando trade shows, so you launch forward with a thorough plan for your Orlando trade show prep.

Transportation to and from Orlando International Airport

Orlando International Airport is approximately 12 miles from downtown Orlando (where most big trade shows are), so not too far at all. There are a variety of options for Orlando airport transportation, such as :

  • Airport hotel shuttles : Many of the hotels offer a shuttle but do typically require booking ahead. Ask your hotel if they provide this option.
  • The Lynx Bus is Orlando’s local bus system. It comes to and from the airport about every 30 minutes and around each hour on Sundays and holidays. Make sure to check the routes and see that it does go to your part of town.
  • As with any airport, there’s always Taxi, Lyft or Uber or Rental car options.

**Good to note: There are two other airports : The Orlando Executive Airport and the Orlando Sanford International Airport, but it’s most likely you’ll be coming in to the main, international one.

**Another thing to note : Make sure to get to the airport with plenty of time before your departure flight. This airport isn’t known for the shortest security or wait lines.

Dress for Florida Weather

It’s important to pack in layers. Florida can be incredibly hot and muggy outside, however, inside conference halls and business rooms, it may be quite cold from the A/C.

Rain is not uncommon throughout the year. To get specific, there’s an average of 75 days with rain each year. Make sure to look up precipitation beforehand and prep accordingly with :

  • An umbrella and/or rain jacket
  • Water friendly shoes

Reserve Entertainment and Shows Ahead of Time

There are a variety of shows and entertainment opportunities in Orlando, from the Mad Cow Theatre to the Bob Carr Theater (known for presenting Broadway shows, symphones, ballet and Hollywood movies).

This can be ideal :

  • For the team to connect and bond after the trade show
  • To take out clients or potential clients
  • Stay an extra day to have a mini vacation yourself

Look at shows ahead of time and make sure to book in advance.

A personal favorite restaurant of mine is called Cafe Tu-Tu Tango. It’s an eclectic mix of local art /artists with Tapas dishes. It’s fun, entertaining and delicious.

Why Pre-Trade Show Planning is So Vital

When you follow the steps above, from packing weather appropriate to reserving show tickets ahead of time, it allows you to feel organized and calm. When you are not rushing around trying to buy an umbrella last minute, you’re able to focus on performing your very best at the trade show.

After all, maximizing trade show efforts should be the focus, not how you’ll get to and from the airport.

Most Importantly, Make Your Trade Show Booth Effective

In addition to accommodations and travel, there are other types of plans to consider : Like how you’re going to draw attendees to your booth.

You’ve flown all the way to Orlando and want to make sure your trade show booth is a hit.

The most impactful way to do this : Have a Certified Infotainer represent your brand who is SO compelling, that they create massive crowds and convey your mission critical messaging Your message will be combined with unique, impactful entertaining demonstrations. Entertainment is, after all, the ultimate way to get people excited about something. It’s what draws many people to Orlando itself (Sea World, Walt Disney World…)

That’s why there’s so much power in hiring a trade show magician. A professional trade show magician has the proven skills and rave reviews to create buzz around your booth – and bring in the leads.

Learn more – and see how a trade show magician would maximize your booth.