Emails are critical for trade show marketing, and the right format will be key to more leads. Here are a few email templates to turn trade show attendees into potential customers.

Email Template to Set Up Appointments and Demos

Setting appointments before the event greatly increase the likelihood that an attendee will come to your booth, consider your offerings and, in turn, become a customer. Here’s a sample email template for demos and appointment outreach.

Hi (Insert Name),

Hope all is well gearing up for (name of the trade show event).

Here at (Your company name), we’re excited to offer one-one-meetings with a select number of trade show attendees. It’s a chance to learn more about your work, needs and see if our (product or service) is the right solution.

(Insert a 1 – 2 sentence blurb on who you are and what you provide. Make sure it focuses on the benefits for them.)

How would the first day of the trade show work, say (Insert date) at 10 or 11 am?

Looking forward to (Insert Trade Show name),

(Your Name)

P.S. We’re offering (insert value proposition. Such as a deal for appointment attendees, a free giveaway, etc.)

*Make sure to hyperlink your company name to its website. That way, it’s easy for the person to cruise over and learn more. Do this with at least the first few emails.

Email Template for Appointment Reminders

It’s easy to forget one of the most important steps in trade show communication: The follow through. Following up confirms that the attendee has your appointment top of mind. Plus, it shows your organization and consideration.

Hi (Insert Name),

As you prepare for (Insert Name of Event), let’s double check schedules.

In addition to confirming our appointment at the (Insert Name of Company) booth, here’s what to expect:

  • Our meeting will be no longer than 15 minutes. (Your time is valuable!)
  • We’ll learn a little about your work, goals and struggles related to (insert topic / solution your company solves.)
  • We’ll walk through our newest (insert offering) and answer all questions you have.
  • Because you had an appointment, you’ll be offered (insert – special discount rate / one-on-one setup, etc.)

Is (Insert Date) at (Insert time) still good for your schedule?


(Your Name)

Trade Show Follow Up Email Template

You got trade show leads; congratulations! That is great but even better if/when they become customers. That email address is an opportunity to remind them of the value you offer.
Here’s a follow-up email template for trade shows.

Hi (Insert Name),

It was great meeting you at the (Insert Name of Company) booth last week. (Or yesterday/etc.)

As mentioned at (Insert Trade Show Name), we’re offering a limited (insert value offer – discount, number of demos, etc.) to the attendees who stopped by.

(Remind them what you do: Insert a sentence or two on what you offer.)

To learn more, let’s set up a quick call. I’ll answer any questions and, if ready, walk you through the next steps.

How does next (Insert dates and times here) work?


(Your Name)

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These are basic email templates for trade shows that can be used and modified as suits you best. For additional emails and general email marketing tips, gain more powerful insights on How to Write Emails for Trade Show Attendees.