Hi, it’s Anders at Trade Show Infotainer, here with another tip. Today we’re going to be talking about “eye level is buy level.”

We’re actually at the National Retail Show; the big retail show in New York at Jacob Javits Center. Merchandising is huge, right? It’s been a science for quite some time. Putting merchandise at place where you can see it improves the chances of that item being taught. “Eye level is buy level” is what people say. Whatever they can see, they’re probably going to buy or they’re going to be, at least, more aware of that product because able to see it.

Now, behind me you’re going to see there’s a little stage with a black skirt back there. That is my stage that I stand up on when I perform and present. It’s two feet high. I do that on purpose because I can be up above the sight lines of everyone, so more people can see me and here my message about my client. Whatever you have in your booth, you want to make sure that it is up high enough so that people can appreciate it. If only one person can look at it and then it’s blocked off and no one can see it, then you don’t have it high enough and you are literally cutting yourself off at the knees.

“Eye level is buy level” is so important. You talk to anyone who works a store, works retail in merchandising, they’ll tell you that all the time. That’s where you pay more as a vendor, to have your product displayed in a store on the shelves. You actually pay more for those special premium spots.

So, how are you using your booth space effectively and your exhibit space? Where are you putting things? Are you putting things up on a pedestal? Are you giving them value?

Look at this. Here’s an example behind me, a nice, high, LED screen, up nice and high. Or perhaps, let’s come over here for a second. You see this one. This is a monster screen, okay? People are going to be able to see that, no matter how people are standing around. They’re going to be able to see some of it, and that what’s important.

So, what can you do at your booth? Eye level is buy level; a little tip. Until next time, pack the booth.