Hey, it’s Anders here, and there’s something that I wanted to put out there, something that I wanted to get off my chest, and it involves leadership in marketing.

So, whether you’re a CMO, VP of Marketing, Director of Marketing, right down to the Trade Show Manager, this concerns you. At the Infotainers, trade shows happen to be our niche, our area of expertise. We stand on a stage at your booth, creating a crowd of people, conveying your message, your company’s USP, your unique selling proposition, and of course, creating leads, leads that can impact your company’s profits.

And, a while back, I was working a show, and in between one of my presentations, my trade show booth manager decided it was okay to go over and sit on my stage and rest her feet. Now, as you know, in trade shows, sitting is a bit of a no-no, but what happened was, unconsciously or consciously, I’m not sure, a switch flicked. And, all of a sudden, the booth staff realized this was an okay thing to do, and it’s like they were taking turns, two at a time, sitting on my stage. And it was just unbelievable how, all of a sudden, that happened.

Of course, I’d have to go and ask them, and say, “Can you get off? I’ve got to do a show, do a presentation.”

And so, what I want you to just take with you here, the whole point of this little video, is that the idea is, at all times, not just when it suits you, you must exhibit leadership. You must do what you want others to do, as well. Lead from the front. That’s what it’s all about.

That’s all I’ve got to say this time. If you want more information about The Infotainers and how they can help your companies increase leads and impact profits, go to our website, www.TheInfotainers.com. Thanks for watching.