Exhibiting as you may or may not know can be extremely expensive. From your booth and your booth space to room nights, give-aways and logistics everything costs money. So how can you capitalize on your capital and really get a return for your money?

Shelf Life and Social Media

At this point, you need to be hiding under a rock if you haven’t heard of social media. Companies everywhere have embraced YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and even Four-square to try and enhance their trade show presence. It used to be that pre-show marketing was predominantly direct mail. Now companies can be constantly in touch with potential clients through social media. The only problem being is that it’s sometimes difficult to come up with fresh, fun content to post and tweet out.

Below you will find a video that I make for my clients. This video is created to capture not only the message that we are trying to spread at the trade show but also the energy. Marketing is always about positioning. Videos like the one below can transfer that energy and enthusiasm from the live event onto the viewer. Posting and hosting on the world wide web is a great way to get more mileage out of your trade show investment.

How do you film a video like this?

It’s easy. Grab yourself a small HD camera. I use the Kodak Zi8 but you can use any camera. Even an iPhone. You shoot some clips of your busy booth and get some sound bites from your representatives. Edit them together with some upbeat music and presto. You have yourself a souvenir video of the trade show to share with your followers. Souvenir is a great word because it means “to remember” in French.  Getting attendees to remember their experience at the booth goes a long way to keeping that mind-share and staying front and center in their thoughts.

Easier Said Than Done…

Not really. A very basic video can be made with free software that comes with your computer. Royalty Free Music can be found at a number of sites online. Alternatively, you can outsource the editing and get a more professional look to your video.

Make sure you get the shots below to compile your video after the event.

  • Show sign
  • Registration/Busy happenings
  • Booth Signage
  • Shots of busy booth/Engaged Visitors
  • Message Soundbite 1
  • Message Soundbite 2
  •  Outro

Camera Tip: Watch the jiggling. Small light handheld cameras are hard to stabilize. When possible use a tripod.

Have fun and extend your trade show shelf-life!

Basic Example