Hey, it’s Anders here. And I’m at the IRCE, which is an internet retailer show. And I just had to point out one booth that has a great theme. They’ve really made it about the experience. And you need to make that customer experience so special, especially when you’re still courting them before they are a customer. So, this is the Shopify booth. And if you look behind me, you can see the golf cart, you can see the flag. And we’re just going to do a quick walk around, just to show you how unique this really is.

So, again, there’s the golf cart. Back here they kind of have almost like a…I don’t know if you’d call it the golf club portion of it. So they’ve got a bar, some seats. They have a screen back there with a fake fire, just a video of a fire playing. And then if I roll over here, now this is before the show starts, so they haven’t cranked up just yet. But actually, there’s a couple of the caddies who are dressed in white, so that they can still…on point, on theme in terms of how everything plays out. And in the back of the booth, this is what’s cool, is they’ve gone full tilt with the actual theme, is that there’s a full-on miniature golf course in the back of the booth.

So, it’s a very neat experience for people to want to be a part of. And if you’re doing something with your booth, you know, it’s nice when you can have the budget to be able to go full-on, go for it, and really make an impact and make it all about the experience.