It’s Anders here from the Infotainers. I’m coming to you live from Cisco Live here in San Diego. And there are hundreds of companies here vying for the attention of the attendees, some 26-27,000 attendees who descend upon the San Diego Convention Center. So all of these companies are trying to differentiate themselves and trying to get noticed in this sea of lights, graphics, sound. This is the show…before the show opens, so it’s very quiet. But one of the things you want to keep in mind as you market your company, whether it’s live marketing like this, in person face to face, or whether it’s online, or in print is that you want to keep your messaging simple.

I’ve had the advantage of working for one company for a number of years and seeing their messaging evolve over time. And sometimes as companies mature, sometimes as their whole product offering expands, what you see is their messaging gets more and more complex, and it becomes harder and harder to communicate. And as Donald Miller of Story Brand Fame says, “When you confuse you lose.” And what’s nice is I’m seeing, you know, companies really get simple. Really bring it down to the essence which makes it a lot easier to communicate. Because on the front line doing presentations in a booth, you actually see people’s eyes either glaze over or they actually relate and able to grasp what it is that you’re communicating from that corporate messaging that’s been handed down to us. So when you are marketing yourself to differentiate, keep it simple. It’s better to be clear than clever and you’ll be able to create leads and impact the profits.