Recently we’ve added a new piece to The Infotainers Headquarters. We employed two artists to create a chalk wall piece that incorporates elements of our brand promise. This 9’x9′ chalk wall mural has become the back drop for our video emails and webinars. Let’s take a closer look at each of the elements so you can better acquaint yourself with our company.

Leads…Impacting Profits
Since 2014 Leads…Impacting Profits has been the new tagline. It’s our over-arching theme of generating real bottom line value for our clients who trust us to generate precious trade show leads that result in future real world profits. All of what we do at The Infotainers must  impact our client’s bottom line or we don’t do it.

The 4 C’s…

Create the Crowd
Without a crowd around your trade show booth you have zero leverage. Creating the crowd is the first step in our process. We capture attention and stop attendees in their tracks. By presenting an engaging and intrinsically interesting presentation we create a crowd around your booth giving your exhibit social proof of value that is held within.

Convey the Message
In order for your company to thrive in the marketplace they must differentiate themselves from the competition. Through careful message engineering we position our client’s product, service or solution as the only logical choice in the minds of the attendees.  Our Certified Infotainers utilize proven persuasive techniques of those found in NLP  and hypnosis enabling the presentations to be especially memorable and influential. This results in greater compliance, larger crowds and more leads.

Collect the Leads
Collecting the Leads is the most critical step in the process. Without the badge scan or prospect information  Our Certified Infotainers specialize in taking the crowd they have assembled and ushering them over to your lead generation areas where the booth visitors can receive gifts and have their badges scanned. Many of whom will stay to ask questions or watch a demo.

Convert to Sale
Many clients remark at how well our Infotainers are able to communicate their core messaging and wish that their sales people could do it equally well. That is why we created our specialized “Presenting for Profits” training. This interactive, highly immersive seminar transfers the skills and knowledge of our presenters to your Systems Engineers and Sales professionals. The prime objective is for your people to connect with their audiences and also connect with the material being presented. Resulting in better communication and easier selling.

#1 Commodity in Marketing is your prospect’s attention
This quote really sums up what we are all about. Without capturing attention, 100% of your marketing budget is wasted. Get your company noticed and your value understood. Let us stop the crowds, bend the ears and create the leads for your company at your live marketing events.