Trade shows are a grueling energy sapping affair. That’s why it’s nice when your trade show manager really takes care of you. By supporting your booth staff and giving them everything they can possibly need you win their loyalty and they’ll give you the best they have each and every day.

Take away all excuses and ensure that your booth staff can be operating in top shape. Here are some ideas to support your booth staff and get the best out of them:

  • Padded Carpet – It’s a long day and padded carpeting does make a difference at the end of the day.
  • Healthy Snacks– Make sure your booth staff keep their energy up. Have a selection of nutritious snacks on hand at all times.
  • Water– Lots of water. Your booth staff talk all day and it’s easy to get a dry throat. (Especially in Vegas!)
  • Mirror– Presentation is everything. Ensure your booth staff look presentable.
  • Pain Killers – Having various common pain killers and cold
  • Storage Space – A place for laptop bags and coats.
  • Breath Mints – Because we don’t want to be that person with bad breath
  • Tide Pen – To remove stains and keep you looking your best
  • Lip Balm – Keep your lips looking presentable especially in dry climates

Check out the video below as Noelle Lyon of Micron takes for a little tour of the storage closet at Super Computing 2017 and how they bend over backwards to support their booth staff.


Are there other ways to support your booth staff not listed here? Share what you do in the comments for all to see!