It’s easy to get caught up in the madness of a trade show and then, after all that hard work, realize no one team member was on top of social media. Without a plan or specific action steps in place, your business won’t maximize social media marketing for your trade show booth.

Luckily, you’re reading this blog BEFORE the trade show.

After this, you’ll know strategic ways to use social media and be sure to assign it to a team member!

Use Trade Show Hashtags and Handles

Join the social conversation by using the hashtags and handles of the trade show. This will let you show up in those feeds for other attendees and trade show booths browsing.

Engage with Other Trade Show Vendors & Attendees

Connect with others you think would be interested in your services and/or products, as well as other companies that could be a great fit for connecting.

For example, you provide IT services and are targeting a certain role at the trade show. See who else is tagging that they’re at the event. Browse and engage with the right people!

  • Directly tweet them
  • Reply to their tweets
  • Ask them authentic questions or give helpful responses to their questions (Whether on Twitter, Instagram or otherwise.)

Share Videos of Your Demos and/or Presentations

Are you conducting a presentation or demo? Take a video of it and share it out on social media.

Attendees can’t be everywhere throughout the trade show; showing them live footage still lets them get a taste or your company and offerings. Watching it may get them to come over later in the trade show.

Ensure the Presentations are so Good People WILL Come Over

The social media tips above going to help you gain more awareness, but other factors can make or break your company’s social media success.

For example, taking a video of a presentation is great – but only if the person speaking is so entertaining and value-packed that it keeps people watching. That’s why you want to ensure the right person is at the helm.

Make sure your content shares a trade show presenter who is proven to turn heads, get leads and boost ROI.