At trade shows these days, the buzzwords or the technology that everyone is always talking about is that of AI, artificial intelligence. But the AI that really needs to be talked about and used at trade shows is that of authentic interactions, genuine interest in others so that we can create these connections. And it amazes me nowadays, and I don’t know if it’s because of how technology has, you know, really dominates business or what have you, but fewer and fewer people are having the soft skills necessary in this day and age and it’s affecting business. It’s affecting how people interact with one another.

But it’s amazing, if you take interest in someone and you actually, you know, find out connections, find out different things in common, put yourself out there first and risk being, you know, made a fool of possibly, it’s amazing what can come out of it. And when we’re doing our presentations at the Infotainers and we’re able to connect with people and share a mutual experience with someone, it bridges all sorts of barriers whether it’s, you know, race, creed, color, religion. And it just gives you this, like, human connection and it transcends the typical level of connection that you’d be expecting from that experience. It’s amazing what happens. And you don’t only just feel like that but the people you’ve done it to also get to feel that and enjoy that.

And when you create that authentic interaction in the booth, whether it’s in business, whether it’s in social events or networking or anything like that, you’re gonna be remembered. You’re gonna stand out and people are gonna do more business with you. So when you think AI, remember to have authentic interactions.