What is a sales presenter?

A sales presenter is a specially trained individual who communicates and persuades from the stage to leverage the company’s message and generate leads for the sales teams.

There are a few key reasons why smart companies enlist the help of professional sales presenters in their trade show booth. Such as:

  • Achieve measurable results (aka an increase sales leads)
  • Ensure a healthy Return On Investment
  • Communicate their value proposition in a memorable way

Choosing the best presenter to represent your company at a trade show or event may feel overwhelming. Perhaps you’re not sure where to start. To help in your search, keep in mind these 7 critical traits of a great interactive sales presenter.

  • Results-driven.

    1. An impactful sales presenter will learn (and even help guide) a company’s objectives for a trade show. These goals will guide all of their presentation decisions to get your company’s desired results. If your goal is getting more qualified booth visitors to see demos, build that cross-sell into the presentation.
  • The ability to craft the perfect pitch.

    1. A highly-sought professional sales presenter has worked with a variety of companies and industries; with their outsider’s perspective and the ability to clearly see the (what’s in if for me) benefits they can help craft the perfect pitch to clearly communicate your value proposition and draw in potential leads.
  • Creates instant credibility.

    1. When potential customers first interact with your brand, it is critical that they experience a congenial first impression and gain credibility fast. Even if your team knows the company well and is passionate about its offerings, they may not have the skills or training to know how to create rapport and establish credibility on the fly. An established trade show presenter, on the other hand, will be able to persuade in a proven, un-”salesy” way.
  • Conscious of body language.

    1. Studies show that at least 55% of our communication is done through body language. It’s why a top notch sales presenter must be a master of both verbal and nonverbal communication. (Get more insights on this topic with 8 Body Language Tricks Every Trade Show Booth Pro Should Know .)
  • Strategic Consultations.

    1. A valuable trade show presenter knows that the layout of a trade show booth or stage is critical. If it is designed in a way, for example, that obstructs some audience’s faces or creates barriers, that is going to decrease the level of interaction during the sales pitch. A well-established presenter can advise on this before the actual trade show, as well. (If you are going to be designing an exhibit, make sure to check out The Secret to Great Trade Booth Design.)
  • On-point Messaging.

    1. A professional sales presenter’s job is to deliver your company’s mission critical marketing message in such a way that the audience can consume the information and are motivated to take action.
  • Backed by testimonials.

    1. Investing in a sales presenter is important, but it can also be scary. You want to be sure that you are putting your efforts and funds into someone who can truly bring in more leads and crush goals. That’s why it’s best to hire a trade show presenter who has testimonials to back up their claims. More than that – you want someone who has earned rave reviews, right?

Now, for the next step. Check out how to actually measure the success of a professional interactive sales presenter.