You’ve signed up for a trade show. Now, be careful because before you know it, it’ll be the big day. Avoid mishaps by taking care of the necessary steps for a great trade show early.

    1. Be thorough & don’t forget about the details.
      • In the excitement of preparing your marketing materials and your interactive sales presenter skills, do not forget the details. For example, take care to:
        • Download and thoroughly read the trade show manual. This manual is important because it has the schedule (tentative or final), critical registration information and forms, floor plans, exhibit specifications (so you make sure yours fits!) and more.
        • Remember: Some trade shows require insurance. Make sure to obtain it if you don’t already have it already.
    2. Book your travel & accommodations early.
      • This can be a surprisingly easy step to forget about – until the last minute. You’ll get better deals and more ideal packages, such as best flight times and hotel rooms, when you book early. We recommend booking a location near the venue that also has helpful amenities – like in-room wi-fi to do email follow ups and research each night after the trade show.
    3. Make sure your product demos function well.
      • There is nothing more awkward than a product demo that doesn’t work. Make sure that all your technology and products coming to the show have been pre-checked, checked and rechecked.
      • Practice your pitch and sales interaction. They say practice makes perfect. Work to achieve perfection by practicing every part of the booth experience. Have co workers and booth staff pitch one another. Offer constructive feedback to each other on both verbal and nonverbal delivery.
    4. Think about shipping vs. bringing materials.
      • From brochures and giveaways to demo products, think ahead about what the best plan is for moving forward. Would it be more cost-efficient and less hassle to ship the items? Think ahead because shipping items takes time, and the earlier you ship the more money you can save. (Really, rush ordering is wicked expensive.)
    5. Decide your trade show booth staff’s attire.
      • When it comes to appearance, dress how you want to be addressed. Think about how you want your trade show booth team to be seen and the desired first impression. Plan matching outfits accordingly, whether that’s matching polos, coordinating blazers and so on.
    6. If you may need trade show help, plan accordingly.
      • Perhaps it’s your company’s first time at a trade show. Maybe you have attended previous trade shows and not been satisfied with the ROI you have received. Consider making an investment in a guaranteed way to have trade show success: Hire a trade show entertainer. They have the experience and tools proven to bring in the crowds and increase your company’s sales leads. (Plan ahead though because just like hotels, the good ones book out early. 😉 )

As it is important to take steps before a tradeshow; be intentional about the actions your team will execute once a trade show is over. Here are 9 Things to Do After a Trade Show to Increase ROI.