More bang for your buck.

Money doesn’t grow on trees.

You get what you pay for.

These are money sayings you’re well aware of. They have prevailed because of their truth. As money does not simply grow on trees, it’s crucial to maximize your funds in the right way. This could not be more important at a trade show – where dollars put in must generate a valid ROI.

Here are steps to maximize your trade show budget.

  1. When it comes to display, think long term.
    Most companies, especially in their first year at a trade show, make mistakes when it comes to creating a trade show booth display. It’s easy to go with the cheapest option to save money. However, if you plan to attend trade shows at future events, it will maximizes funds overall to invest in a solid, good quality display the first time around. Because, when you have to add on to an original expo booth or buy another display entirely, you’ll end up spending far more money in the long run.
  2. Utilize a visual component proven to increase chance of purchase.
    Did you know, according to Internet Retailer, viewers are 85% more likely to purchase a product after they have seen a product video? That in mind, it’s powerful to incorporate a video or in-person product demonstration into your trade show booth design. A QR video code, for example, can lead users to product videos.
  3. Use social media before the trade show show.
    You cannot count on people to simply stroll up to your booth. Generate buzz before the show, increasing the chance of attendees and trade show booth ROI, by doing marketing beforehand, such as on social media. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Share your message – and make sure to use hashtags well.
  4. Follow up after the trade show.
    The display is put away. The marketing materials are gathered up. However, this does not mean work here is done.
    As you implemented tools to generate buzz and market before the show, it is critical to set aside time after the event is over. Plan which team members will be touching base with prospective leads. Decide on the follow up tactics to use before the show. The attendees at the show were introduced to a lot of brands and people; a stand out follow up after the madness of the event is over can make all the difference.
  5. Invest in your trade show booth staff.
    The selection, training and execution of the right trade show booth staff is critical. No matter how great your booth design or wonderful your marketing material is, none of it will matter if the people interacting with attendees do not appear knowledgeable, credible, attentive and personable. As the face of the company, this first impression means everything.

Ensure that you have the most effective trade show personnel possible. Whether you need to pad your crew with some professional booth staff or by hiring some trade show booth entertainment it’s money well spent. Using professionals whose speciality is increasing leads and impacting profits is always a sound investment.

Learn more about what a trade show entertainer can do for your business here.

(Our Trade Show Infotainers, also offer Trade Show Booth Training and Trade Show Consulting – options to make sure these 5 strategies and others are implemented to create a crowd, convey the message and convert leads.)