Based on the average person, you have merely 7 seconds to get someone’s attention (source).

Because of this, every word or phrase uttered at your trade show booth is critical. What you say can capture a trade show attendee’s attention – in a positive or negative way. If a potential lead hears something they don’t like, they’ll probably keep walking. That’s why we are sharing seven things to NOT say in trade show conversations.

“Trust me.”

Requesting someone’s trust is not showing, it’s telling. Instead, use data, testimonials and demonstrations to show why your company is trustworthy.

“You have my word.”

Telling someone you are credible, as mentioned above, doesn’t create real confidence. Genuine trust is developed through authentic conversation, money-back guarantees and other info or media that support your claims.

“To be honest…”

This phrase sounds like you were not being honest before – even if you were.

On the other hand, make sure to be truthful and straight-forward in every aspect of the trade show, so no one asks a question later requires a “being honest” later.

Here’s an example. As shown in this article, a few years back McDonald’s had been asked, “What’s in a Chicken McNugget?” The response was that it was white meat chicken and marinade for flavor. However, it turned out there was way more in them; “to be honest”, there was a lot of processed ingredients, in addition to chicken and marinade.

Summary: Don’t say you’re being honest. Simply keep it honest.

Talk about the evening before.

Your team may have gone out the night before. Enjoyed dinner. Grabbed drinks. Do not reference such party time or have behind-the-scenes company banter in general. At a trade show there are ears everywhere. Remember that you are representing your company and brand. Out on the floor, it’s time to focus on potential leads. Make them feel that they are the focus, not an afterthought.

Referencing any stress or cost that went into your booth or set up.

People want to be wowed and awed. They love seeing the final product and scene, not overhearing how much stress or funds this booth imposed. Keep any of that talk off of the trade show floor.

Make Sure Your Trade Show Booth Spokesperson Says the RIGHT Things

Think carefully about who represents your company and presents your information speaking at trade show booth; even highly trained sales and marketing personnel may not be as conscious about the best wording or techniques to hold a trade show audience and inspire them to action.

A great way to make sure the person working your booth is going to convey the right message in an enticing way: Hire a professional trade show presenter. (With rave reviews to prove their value.)