Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) blur the two worlds of reality and digital landscapes. Each virtual experience puts the user into a scene that looks as close to a real-world environment as possible. And as VR has become more commonplace and the cost of the technology decreases, more and more businesses are using it to their advantage.

However, virtual reality is by no means a standard for trade show booths – meaning it’s a great opportunity for your booth to stand out from the crowd! Let’s take a look at five ways you can use VR to really ‘wow’ your crowd at the next trade show.

1. Offer hands-on training.

If you offer products that are best demonstrated when people actually use them and receive hands-on training, then virtual reality is the way to go. Through VR, you can give your trade show booth visitors immediate hands-on training right on the floor of the trade show. If you sell highly complex machinery, for example, you can give prospective buyers the training that they need to use your products with virtual reality.

You’ll instill a great sense of confidence in your products and in your booth visitors, and in turn, increase the chances they’ll place an order right then and there.

2. Showcase your entire product line.

One of the drawbacks of trade shows is that booth space is limited and transportation can be prohibitive; this can be especially tough if you have a large inventory of products, and can only bring one or two with you to show your customers.

However, with the help of virtual reality and augmented reality, you can digitally upload all of your products and allow trade show attendees to interact and browse entire product catalogs – it will almost be as if they’re physically at your showroom. This can be particularly useful if you are trying to connect with large retailers that might be interested in picking up entire product lines.

3. Give a virtual tour.

Like any trade show event, it’s important to differentiate yourself from other exhibitors. There will be dozens of booths that are very similar to yours, and it’s easy for attendees to get overwhelmed or distracted and overlook the uniqueness of your company or product.

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, use virtual reality to give your booth visitors a tour of your facility. Perhaps you own a winery and you’re showcasing your products at a trade show. Sure, you can offer free samples, host raffles, and explain the unique processes you use to make your wine; however, every other winery you are up against will be doing the same thing. Instead, use VR to transport your trade show visitors to your winery and let them actually see your process: show them your land, harvesting practices, barreling procedures, and every other element that goes into creating your wine. You’ll definitely set yourself apart from the crowd, leave a lasting impression, and score more sales!

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4. Create a VR showroom.

Bring your entire showroom with you to the trade show! VR gives you limitless square footage, so you can really show off all of the products that consumers can find when they visit your establishment. Your booth visitors will have an up-close, personal, and interactive experience with your product or brand; they can even try your products out themselves. VR gives you the ability to really show what your company is all about. And when consumers can interact with and see all of your products, there’s a much better chance that they’ll make a purchase that day.

5. Tell a story.

One of the most unique aspects of virtual reality is its ability to make an emotional connection with the viewer. For companies trying to explain their products or services, this aspect is especially important. By telling a short story, you’re able to transport your audience to a completely different environment – anywhere from a completely fabricated, digital world to a production facility or even a foreign country. Impactful, unique experiences like these will be the ones that your customers remember and can create an emotional connection between them and your product. That kind of connection creates lifelong customers!

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