Sure they will get looks but a Booth Babe will not generate foot traffic or leads. I have more success getting on top of a table to draw a crowd! Booth babes simply do not draw the crowds, the right audience nor the numbers you want to achieve from your trade show investment.

They Do Not Attract the Right Trade Show Participants

In a recent post about booth personnel I talked about the tendency of people to treat trade shows like vacations. If you provide the beach babe at your booth then a vacation-esque trade show participant will take the bait. These are not the people you want to talk to at a trade show.

An overconfident and junior employee may wander into the booth lured by a Siren but he likely isn’t the one with buying power or decision-making authority. The good looking gal will get attention but if she isn’t trained in the benefits of your product or service than there is nothing more to keep the attraction going in the right direction.

Choose someone who has the experience in your niche, people skills and experience gathering a crowd by making them feel comfortable.

Babes Make Your Marketing Team Look Like Babies

If an attractive person is the most happening activity at your booth then you are not going to retain booth visitors long enough to demo a product. Don’t cheapen your company’s image by making an attractive person the sole thing you have going for you at the booth. If the person isn’t representing your company and speaking to the essence of your brand then there is no point of having them there unless you sell bikini’s or underwear.

You want people to become exposed to your business not overexposed to a hot person that has nothing to do with your product or services. Attractive people are noticeable but make sure they have the skill set you require to convey the right message. An ornamental babe will not strengthen your reputation it will just make your marketing team look like babies.

Babes Do Not Convert

Evidence has emerged to prove the ineffectiveness of hiring booth babes. In January this year an article on described a trade show experiment that proves booth babes do not convert participants into leads. Another source that booth babes generate one third the number of foot traffic and the number of leads when compared to people who possess genuine people skills. So if the numbers are there why are people still hiring booth babes? The status quo is still entrenched in a “steaks and babes” mentality. It’s time to trash the trade show tradition.

While booth babes are still hired frequently there is overwhelming evidence to show typical trade show attendees are off-put or intimidated by women clearly on display for good looks. Technology companies may be the ones to oust this overdue and outdated practice. My advice to you is to hire smart people who are a quick-study and trained in the art of gathering a crowd.