Out with the old? Not so fast! While technology and digital marketing may be getting all the buzz these days, there’s still something to be said for ‘old-school’ marketing tactics. These marketing strategies are still getting plenty of traction for trade show presenters and exhibitors, despite the new digital age we’re in. So before throwing out your old marketing plan, consider keeping some old-school workhorses that many trade show presenters still swear by.

Direct Mail-outs Before the Show.

Direct mail can still be effective for trade show marketing. While it gets a bad rap at times, many find that highly targeted communication to an audience that is pre-qualified works when combined with other strategies (like social media and digital marketing).

Before a trade show or event, a direct mail campaign is a great way to spread the word and invite people to experience your brand in person. After the event is over, send out another round of postcards to follow up or share special offers to the prospects you’ve met (business cards and flyers are also great ways to get yourself out there). All in all, direct mail is a great way to offer your leads some freebies before the show, such as:

  • Free one-on-one session
    • Perhaps walking them through your company’s latest offerings or updates.
  • Ticket for a giveaway or raffle
    • This could be a giveaway that’s physical or something like a free update, download or subscription, such as to your platform or services for 3 months.
  • Question for topics or information THEY want to hear about at the show
    • Not only does it show you value their opinion, but it also provides an opportunity for them to hit Reply and engage with your brand.


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Enlist a Trade Show Magician or Entertainer.

This tactic for generating traffic and interest has been around since the 50’s. If you’ve ever seen a trade show magician in action, you’ll know why it still being used, it works! There are several great benefits to having a trade show magician or entertainer at your booth, besides the fact that no one else is doing it! A couple of benefits here include:

  • Magic shows get people to stop and look
    • When people see a trick being performed, they tend to slow down or stop to observe. As soon as a few people stop to take in the performance, others begin stopping to find out what everyone is watching. Pretty soon, there is a full on crowd. It’s a natural phenomenon – people want to see what other people are seeing. This automatically leverages your company’s ability to get your message heard.
  • Magic is a great tool for communicating a message
    • Magic is a flexible performance art that lends itself well to trade shows. Whatever message your company is trying to convey, magic can be an excellent visual metaphor to illustrate your company’s features, advantages, and benefits.

Personal Follow-up Calls

This is one of the most important trade show marketing strategies, but too often it goes unexecuted by exhibitors. Once you have gathered your show leads and identified your hot prospects, follow-up with them via phone within three days to build relationships and solidify the sale.

A phone call is much more personalized than an email, and while sending out a quick email might be easier, giving your prospect a phone call lends it a traditional touch that will go a long way. This is an easy, effective traditional touch for reaching attendees that still works, and it will really resonate with your potential leads.

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