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Take your exhibit to the next level by employing a live interactive presentation. Give your prospects a compelling reason to stop at the booth learn your marketing message.

Trade Show Magic

Harness the power of a compelling visual metaphor. Skilled trade show magicians can communicate your message and attract a crowd at the same time.

Trade Show Trainings

Your booth staff are the key to your success on the trade show floor. Equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills required to make the desired impact.

Trade Show Consulting

Utilize our collective knowledge and expertise to optimize your exhibiting experience. Whether it’s a a question regarding your exhibit design, or best position on the show floor, we can help.

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Make an Impact and Leverage the Power of a Live Interactive Trade Show Infotainer

More Than a Trade Show Presenter

Certified Trade Show Infotainer, Founder and CEO of The Infotainers Anders Boulanger,  is more than a trade show presenter. He and his team work with your company to increase your trade show leads and traffic or you don’t pay. Get your booth the attention it deserves and dominate your next trade show and increase your leads guaranteed.

Increase Traffic, Leads and Awareness

Our Certified Infotainers will stop attendees in their tracks. They’ll attract them to your booth and keep your booth staff busy.

Differentiate Your Company

By presenting a customized fully integrated presentation your prospects will learn all your points of differentiation. Your booth stands out from the masses by using an engaging live presenter.

Lead Acquisition and Qualification

Whether you are at a vertical or horizontal show our skilled Infotainers can qualify the crowd where they stand allowing your booth staff to work more effectively.

Some of The Infotainers’ Clients

Siemens Review

“Having Anders in the booth dramatically increased our leads and visibility at the show. He provided excellent value and I would not hesitate to use him again in the future.” Jim Slinowsky VP of Marketing, Siemens Ruggedcom

Arysta Life Science Review

“Anders brought us 100+ Customers Every Hour on the Hour! He gave a very small company a huge presence at our trade show!”

Veeam Review

“Within the first 2 days of the trade show we had scanned almost 50% of the attendees of the entire show!”

Hilti Canada Review

“The booth worked out very well because he was able to gather the crowd and put on a great show in front of our booth”

Open Text Review

“We just had a lot of people come to our booth and the reason why they came is because we had someone that attracted them to the booth and brought them in”

More Leads Means More Customers


After the first day of the trade show, if you don’t think our services are totally effective and completely worth the investment, we’ll refund 100% of the performance fees no questions asked.


-Anders Boulanger CEO and Founder, The Infotainers

Get More Trade Show Visibility While Increasing Your ROI

Make an Impact and Leverage the Power of a Live Interactive Trade Show Infotainer

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Watch, listen and read to past clients and learn about the amazing results  and impact created by  using one of The Infotainers.

Documented Results

Access actual feedback forms from recent shows. Witness the percentage of visitor and lead increases and the comments made after the show.

R.O.I Calculator

Predict your future gains and calculate the impact of using a live, certified Trade Show Infotainer in your exhibit.

Meet the Infotainers/Presenters

Anders Boulanger, CSP

Anders Boulanger, CSP

Anders Boulanger is C.E.O. and founder of the Infotainers. He is a certified speaking professional and has been building crowds and generating leads for clients since 2007.

Sukuma Avery

Sukuma Avery

Conveniently located in Las Vegas, Nevada Sukuma Avery is an intense, committed presenter who truly endears himself to both his clients and the prospects that he attracts.

Richard Steele

Richard Steele

As a Trade Show Infotainer, Richard Steele is as likable as they get. He’s a true people person and has a knack for getting people to drop their guard.

Richard Kwesell

Richard Kwesell

He’s as charming as he is tall. Richard’s presence in a booth is instant and infectious. He’s sure to win over even the most jaded trade show attendee.

Trade Show Infotainer & Trade Show Presenter to Bring in Your Leads

How Does a Trade Show Infotainer Attract People to Your Trade Show Booth?

Anders and his team learn the key information about your company messaging so that a clear message is communicated to your booth visitors in an engaging and meaningful way. Through the use of specialized knowledge in group dynamics, NLP and presentation skills the Infotainers engage an audience and reel them into the booth to speak with your company representatives. As a professional trade show infotainer, Anders and his associates will weave your marketing message into the fabric of the presnetation. Your booth visitors will walk away learning why your company and product/service are different.

The message integration is so tight that trade show attendees often think Anders works for the company he is representing. The fact is, Anders and his team are experts in getting people to the booth and he works closely with your company staff to capture the interested prospects contact information. The “hand-off” is carefully choreographed so that there is a high rate of compliance when it comes to the call to action. At the trade show, infotainment will draw the crowd in so you can gather the contacts and pursue the prospects after the trade show. How many leads can you gather? Check out Ander’s stunning statistics. At one four day trade show he generated 1200 leads for the client!


Has Your Company Struggled in Getting the Leads Needed to Make the Trade Show a Success?

If your company is looking to lower your cost per lead, improve your R.O.I. and increase your leads guaranteed, this Trade Show Infotainer is the right solution for you. If you have never seen Anders in action, you most likely would never consider having either a trade show infotainer, trade show presenter, or even a trade show magician at your booth. Once a company sees the prospects rolling into their booth through Anders’ entertaining and unique demonstrations, they quickly realize how effective it can be to have an engaging, interactive “trade show performer” promoting their products and services. Many of his clients have gone on to use him and his colleagues for many more of their trade shows.

He’s so confident in his ability to get you the desired number of leads, that he actually provides a guarantee to all of his clients. The point of going to trade shows is to gather leads for your business. If you aren’t leaving the event with several prospects to call when you get back to the office, then your companies performance at the event has opportunity for improvement. This is where a trade show presenter can help. They do so much more than just act as a brand ambassador. The best trade show presenters provide an infotainment service that will drive relevant traffic to your booth. Anders and his team of Infotainers will learn your key differentiating points quickly and then leverage their skill in gathering and retaining a crowd to generate leads and create more business for your organization.

Trade Show Infotainer that Thinks Outside the Box & Out of the Ordinary

Attention is the #1 Commodity in Marketing

Attract attention and create interest in your companies value offer. As a trade show infotainer, Anders knows how to achieve a balance between attraction and conveying your message in order to capture the imagination of a crowd. Infotaining is an art that involves capturing attention and directing it in a meaningful way. Create a buzz and then follow through with lead capturing. Anders guides this processes in a seamless way by sending prospects to your company’s sales representatives.

By doing something that no other booths are doing, you quickly differentiate yourself and attract that wanted attention. Getting noticed at the show is the whole reason you exhibit in the first place. You spend tens of thousands of dollars to have a booth, to rent your space, fly your people there etc… What if you could protect this investment by ensuring that your booth will have traffic thus justifying your presence at the show. What if you could generate crowds of people around your booth all day long, increase your leads guaranteed or you don’t pay?

Pairing Your Booth Staff & Our Trade Show Infotainers Is a Winning Combination

Use infotainment to attract, inform and capture leads. By using professional presenters who specializes in trade shows, you will be able to qualify prospects in batches and connect them with your sales team right in the booth. Anders or one of his associates can funnel these hot leads to your booth staff. This means more qualified leads and an efficient use of time at your trade show booth. Having an expert infotainer at your trade show booth means a better use of your booth staff’s time. Filling the booth with warm prospects keeps them busy connecting with potential profit producing booth visitors. This is much more desirable than past experiences where you stand there in the booth twiddling your thumbs.

Armed with small stage, a microphone and a deep understanding of your company’s value proposition an Infotainer attracts trade show attendees and creates interest in your marketed solutions . This is infotainment at its best. Anders and his trade show infotainers will present your company’s message in an engaging and interactive way.Your company will be remembered by attendees for years to come. Do you have a guaranteed way to generate sales leads and ensure your trade show exhibit maximizes your company’s opportunity for sales? Bottom line, an Infotainer lowers your cost per lead, improves your R.O.I. and increases your leads guaranteed. Get in contact  Anders to get a free Infotainer Impact Report.

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